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Kanduj by HourDesign.ir

Project name:
Architecture firm:
Gilan, Iran
Tools used:
Midjourney AI
Principal architect:
Kolsoum Ali Taleshi
Design team:
Kolsoum Ali Taleshi, Hamidreza Edrisi
Built area:
600 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Kolsoum Ali Taleshi
Concept - Design
Residential › Villa

HourDesign.ir: Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity!

Embracing the timeless charm of Gilan art and architecture, this modern masterpiece is a true fusion of tradition and innovation. Nestled atop a picturesque hill, the thatched roof adds a rustic touch to its contemporary design, while a tranquil pond in the yard invites serenity and reflection.

Every corner of this home tells a story, a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Gilan. Explore the fusion of tradition and cutting-edge design, and experience the magic of living in a space where history meets modernity.

Footnote: "Kanduj and rural houses" are the primary and main ideas of this work, which are related to the native architecture of northern Iran, where I belong and grew up, and I invite you to visit this earthly paradise.

“Kanduj” is a rice paddy warehouse. A structure made of wood and mud that has four wooden bases. Its pyramid-shaped chamber is built at a height above the ground. But with the passage of time, the kandujs either disappeared or there are very few of them. “Rural houses” in the north also have special architectural features. The roofs of the houses are pitched and sloped and are made of natural materials such as stone, wood, clay and plant stems And I also got ideas from the terraced shape of the paddy field for the design of the area and landscape. At the end of the collection of photos, there is a photo of them in the form of a collage.

The main purpose of this work is to remember the native architecture of the past and to combine it with today's modern life so that in the hustle and bustle of today's life, one can experience the unique feeling of the very beautiful regions of the north in a modern way.

By Liliana Alvarez

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