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“Open space provides freedom of growth and opportunity for new possibilities. One immersed in the space should experience the freedom of living through creatively interacting with it.” This is what designers Margie and Xinru said in regards to the idea of "freedom" in space. They implemented this idea in a high-rise apartment in the central area of...
Project name
Central City Apartment, Shenzhen
Architecture firm
X-ZOO Design
Shenzhen, China
Sui Sicong
Inspired by the body temperature of thermostatic animals, 36.5°C brings you into their embrace. It awaits to bring warmth into your life. Like the soft ground of morning spring or a puppy cuddle through the deepest winter nights. 36.5°C is here with you to rediscover the joy of being with friends and family.
Product name
The 36.5°C SERIES
Product type