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London-based designer Sabi has unveiled a furniture duo comprising a bookshelf and a chair, named Il Pontaio. The designs were launched at Salone Satellite during this year's Milan Design Week, which took place from the 18th to the 23rd of April 2023.
Project name
Il Pontaio Collection
Francesco Carullo
Product type
Bookshelf, Chair
info@sabispace.com / www.sabispace.com
Often, when looking to buy a home, we look for a garage. Why? Extra space and extra security for our cars, tools, bikes, and other belongings. Then, two years down the line, the garage is completely full of junk that we don’t need, horribly disorganised, and becomes an all-around stressful situation.
Written by
Allen Brown
David Bader (cover image), Kerut