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In this modern era, just as there are many ways to decorate your house, there are no limits on the types of homes you can construct. But due to the lengthy construction period for traditional brick-and-mortar structures and increased awareness of environmental problems, many individuals today prefer building prefabricated homes over conventional ho...
Written by
Ivana Jovanova
Emily Bartlett (Somers Modular Home by Modscape)
SET Ideas: The challenge of a modular and standardized architecture: “For us, everything that we are experiencing from the pandemic is a signal to start living in a different way and reaffirm our idea, trends had accelerated and thus, the lifestyle that we propose ”They comment from the studio located in Villa Allende.
Project name
“Vida modular” Módulos habitables de SET
Architecture firm
SET Ideas
Córdoba, Argentina
Gonzalo Viramonte