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The Montecristo no.2 series is assembled from recycled parts. The structural lamp takes the shape of an art piece and induces an environmental questioning. This top of the line product will illuminate the living area while creating a unique atmosphere. Eye catching lighting, limited edition.
Product name
Collection Montecristo No.2
Product type
Floor Lamp
A home lighting layout is undoubtedly an afterthought in the general scenario. The lesser known fact hatch is undoubtedly true in most cases when it comes to interiors is the right lighting layout. It makes all the difference globally, and choosing the right kind of fixtures substantially improves the home lighting layout.
Written by
Rameena Yameen
Skye Studios, bazz.ca
Spring thunderstorms can damage your home and roof through rain, hail, high winds, and lightning. Lightning is a naturally occurring electrostatic discharge. Most lightning strikes cause damage through the large current flowing in the return stroke or through the heat generated by this current flow, and the continuing current.
Written by
Arnold Bloom