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In "The Sage Project," my husband and I, homeowners and design enthusiasts, embarked on a creative journey to transform our kitchen into a blend of 70s nostalgia and modern design. As an interior designer, I strategically rearranged the layout for a clutter-free space, honoring the past with existing elements like slate flooring and timber-framed w...
Project name
The Sage
Interior design
The Glade Design
Glen Waverley Victoria, Australia
Flavia Di Bella
Renovating your kitchen is no small feat, but with careful planning, budgeting, and consideration of materials and hidden costs, the process can be made smoother. Hiring a professional can provide an added sense of security and ensure your design dreams become a reality.
Written by
Allen Brown
Vector Juice
In the heart of any vibrant home, style and function should seamlessly converge to create a kitchen that serves as more than a simple culinary space. Be it a hub of creativity, a space for making connections, a beacon of comfort, or a combination of all three, with JAC Interiors | Kitchen Designer your kitchen can be everything you’ve ever dreamed...
Written by
Anna Zalite
Wang XiNa
The process of remodeling a kitchen can be frustrating and overwhelming without the right planning. You want to create a cooking space that fits your needs and has modern features to make your culinary experiences more enjoyable. Even if you're looking for easy upgrade ideas on a tight budget, features like pull-out shelves and an eye-catching back...
Written by
Milo Forester
Max Vakhtbovych