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Located within the heart of the serene hills of Kothkai, Himachal. The Apple Farm Stay is flanked by mountains that kiss the clouds with streams gushing down its slopes and lush green orchards. The existing built-up structure of The Apple farm stay was built in 1920 by the erstwhile Wazir of the princely state of Himachal Pradesh, and now it has be...
Project name
The Apple Farm Stay | Restoration
Architecture firm
Architect Suri and Associates
Jhina Orchards, Kotkhai, Himachal Pradesh, India
Nakul Jain
Kath Kuni architecture is a popular indigenous construction technique from North India. Although it has its own history, it continues to be as captivating today as ever. With architectural marvels that have stood the test of time, Kath Kuni will definitely not leave you disappointed!
Written by
Samuel Darwin
Garima Raghuvanshy