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To deal with providing a peaceful environment with all the necessary facilities and standards, Sorkhrud Hotel is located in a location far from the high-rise zone of this city and will provide a unique experience for travelers. By using formal capabilities and integrating them with the basic requirements of the project, the final design has maximum...
Project name
Swan Hotel & Resort
Architecture firm
Kalbod Studio
Sorkhrood, Mazandaran, Iran
Tools used
Rhinoceros 3D, Lumion, Adobe Photoshop
Have you ever encountered sandstorms? If you have ever spent some time in Dubai or any other city in UAE, especially during spring and summer, you have probably witnessed its tropical desert climate and massive sandstorms. And you might know that when they occur, they slow down or, on larger scales, completely shut down the city’s ordinary rhythm.
Project name
Absorbent Sandstorm Skyscraper Dubai
Architecture firm
Kalbod Design Studio
Dubai, UAE
190 m