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The Circle invites creative and young architects to apply for the third edition of the Emerging Architects Selection & Exhibition! The exhibitions will take place in Istanbul, Berlin and Jeddah. The deadline for application in GEMSS'23 is 18 June. All local or multinational practices who contribute to the architectural culture of Turkey are invited...
The Circle
Architectural Competition, Selection & Exhibition
1. Local or multinational practices that contribute to the architectural culture of Turkey, producing works in Turkey and abroad. 2. It is possible to participate in GEMSS’23 as an individual or as a team. For team applications, one person from the team is requested to be designated as the team contact person, limited to communication with The Circle. 3. Individual participants and at least one of the team members must have a bachelor’s degree in architecture from a local or a foreign university. 4. Individual participants must be at most 40 years of age (must not turn 41 until December 31, 2023), while the average age of participants applying as a team should not exceed 40