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With a project inspired by Albania’s distinctive mountains, Danish CEBRA has won the competition to design a new landmark in the capital of Albania, Tirana. Located on a prominent plot in the very heart of the city, the project - Mount Tirana - will be an architectural piece that celebrates the national identity and cultural heritage of Albania.
Project name
Mount Tirana
Architecture firm
Tirana, Albania
185 metres
The new visitor centre at Skamlingsbanken in Kolding by CEBRA, is an architectural portal to the glacial landscape and its history of democratic events. The centre is designed as a natural and integrated part of the undulating landscape and from the overall design to the small details, visitors will experience an architecture that finds its origin...
Project name
Skamlingsbanken Visitor Center
Architecture firm
CEBRA architecture
Skamlingsbanken, Vejstrup Parish, Jutland, Denmark
Adam Mørk