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1286 project from 1308 students from all over the world competed in the largest architectural competition Inspireli Awards and now the finalists have been chosen in all three categories – Architecture, Interior design and Urban design.
Written by
Mariana Vahalova
The annual KOŁO contest for conceptual design of the facility with public toilet function, organized by Geberit in Poland, always arouses great interest among beginning architects and architecture students.
Geberit sp. z o.o., ul. Postępu 1, 02-676 Warsaw
The conceptual design of the facility with public toilet function
This is an open contest, and any adult natural persons with full legal capacity and place of residence in Poland, in another Member State of the European Union, or in Ukraine or Belarus shall be eligible to participate, provided that their submitted works will not be related to their business activity and will not be produced as part of their business. Employees, associates, and representatives of the Organizer and the Partner, individuals involved in the organization of the Contest, as well as their close family members shall not be eligible for the Contest. The close family member shall be understood as: the spouse, ascendants, descendants, siblings, relatives in the same line or degree, adoptive persons and their spouses, as well as cohabitants. The Organizer reserves the right to request written statements from the Contest Participants to confirm that the aforesaid conditions have been met.
The Drawing Board is back again to give young architects and design students an opportunity to explore, invent and be creative with challenging architectural problems.
The Drawing Board (Rohan Builders & Mindspace Architects)
Architecture Design, Urban Intervention
Students & Graduates of year 2020
INSPIRELI offered to take part in the reconstruction of by explosion destroyed port of Beirut, and our help was accepted. We hereby invite students from all around the world to join us and to contribute their work to the renewal of the hard-pressed city. Let’s make the dream of the founders of INSPIRELI AWARDS a reality. Let’s help Beirut to be reb...
INSPIRELI AWARDS, Department of Architecture, CTU in Prague & Alexandre Zein (president and curator, ZEIN Engineering)
Architecture students
Zaha Hadid Architects announced winner of the design competition to build Phase II of the International Exhibition Centre in Beijing. As the cultural, academic and civic centre of China, Beijing has also developed into one of the world’s centres of communication and scientific research.
Project name
Beijing’s International Exhibition Centre, China
Architecture firm
Zaha Hadid Architects
Beijing, China