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Kryptonite tower designed by DNA Barcelona Architects

The Barcelona based architectural studio DNA Barcelona has designed "Kryptonite tower" in Calpe, Spain

DNA BARCELONA ARCHITECTS has unveiled a new residential and commercial project “Kryptonite Tower” planned for la Calpe, Spain, aiming to become a new landmark on the Spanish skyline. The project is designed in a strict geometric form using the continuity of glass, thus embodying the elegance and stylishness as well as the principles of modernism. The transparency and luminosity help to achieve the maximum natural light and introduce to the residents the fascinating views.

Kryptonite_Tower_SPAIN_by_dna_barcelona_architect_amazing_architecture_002.jpgimage © DNA Barcelona 

Kryptonite Tower is comprised of condominiums, parking, swimming pool, a chillout area, and commercial zone, public spaces and children playgrounds.  The new tower stands 50 stories tall, thus respecting the environment and existing buildings around and accommodates efficiency and flexibility to its users. 

Kryptonite_Tower_SPAIN_by_dna_barcelona_architect_amazing_architecture_001.jpgimage © DNA Barcelona 

Kryptonite_Tower_SPAIN_by_dna_barcelona_architect_amazing_architecture_004.jpgimage © DNA Barcelona 

Kryptonite_Tower_SPAIN_by_dna_barcelona_architect_amazing_architecture_005.jpgimage © DNA Barcelona 

Kryptonite_Tower_SPAIN_by_dna_barcelona_architect_amazing_architecture_003.jpgimage © DNA Barcelona 

Type: Commission
Program: Conceptual design
Residential & Commercial Complex
Site area: 4.906 m²
Built area: 18.317 m²
Status: Design
Year: 2019

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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