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M 5605 Building in Buenos Aires, Argentina by Arqtipo

Project name:
M 5605
Architecture firm:
Estudio Arqtipo
Monroe 5606, Villa Urquiza, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Federico Kulekdjian
Principal architect:
Lucas Gorroño
Design team:
Arqtipo (Diego Aceto, Dario Litvinoff, Alejandro Camp), Juan Pablo Negro
Built area:
665 m²
Site area:
Design year:
Completion year:
Interior design:
Martin Giani, Catarina Staric, Belen Canosa, Marcelo Sigrist, Leonardo Pulzoni
Civil engineer:
Structural engineer:
Pablo Lulkin
Environmental & MEP:
Tools used:
Brick, Steel, Concrete
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Arqtipo: The M 5606 building questioned us about the possible ways of approaching our design practice. The proposal recognizes the temporal and spatial instances inherent to the project, based on the recognition of the categories of: contextualization (between insertion and implementation), configuration (between a material object and the system), and disposition (between what is determined and the indeterminate).


M 5605 is a horizontal property building located in the Villa Urquiza neighborhood with ten functional units, on a small corner lot measuring 8.80 × 12.72 m. It is located in a medium residential fabric, adjacent to the F.F.C.C. Mitre. Multiple contextual relationships are proposed, from incorporating the public space into the interior of its entire ground floor, from a single floor. Like the recognition of its pre-existing boundaries, inferring possible relationships and distances from its expansions. In addition, it incorporates the upper setbacks to the envelope in a sensitive way that promotes greater empathy in its environment.


The building maximizes its constructive capacity, from a mono-material envelope using the Bricko brick from Corblock. In this sense, a material experimentation is allowed based on various precise morphological operations (repetition, section, linking) to assume its own complexity, and investigate the encounters, arrangements, modes of union and fixations with the intention of configuring an atmosphere desired. (light and space in a constant interpellation).

The treatment of the expansions as bellows in the perimeters of the façade have the purpose of mitigating the noise and allow to regulate the gradients of privacy, luminosity and opacity in relation to the exterior.


The building is arranged on the ground floor and 6 levels high, proposing a tension between form, space and matter, based on the search for identity. The housing units investigate new configurative possibilities of living, which allow their adaptability and contemporaneity.


The name of the Arqtipo studio arises from a linguistic operation of the word Archetype (representation, image or scheme that serves as a permanent model) and can also be understood as the conjunction between architecture and typology (understood from its genealogical sense, that is, study , classification, and especially the operation on known types as a tool to generate knowledge).

Our intention is to generate an architecture that interprets the needs of society, promotes reflection on what is established and challenges us in an almost experimental search in each project.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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