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Unique Masterpieces by Alevtina Grishina: Reflecting the individuality of design and furniture

Written by:
Liliana Alvarez
Di Captures Photography

Date: 09th of July 2025

Designing a space that truly reflects your unique personality and style can be quite daunting, especially in the middle of the constant influx of new design fads and countless interior images posted on social platforms. Many experts warn that blindly chasing trends may not result in timeless and meaningful interiors, particularly when it comes to personal homes. Alevtina Grishina, a furniture designer and talented object designer with innovative ideas and a unique perspective on creating interior items, has found a way to help everyone feel special. Today, she will tell us about her peculiar product that you may not know but you already need.

The journey from a small town to creative success

Alevtina was born in the quaint town of Penza, but her heart yearned for more: she dreamed of exploring the world. With two prestigious degrees (one in Biotechnology from Penza and another in Veterinary Medicine from Samara) under her belt, she made the bold move to Moscow. She obtained a coveted position at the top clinic in Russia and surrounding regions. Through honing her critical thinking, processing vast amounts of information, and harnessing unparalleled self-discipline and productivity, Alevtina shifted gears from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur, founding her own creative studio. Already skilled in furniture decoration and carpentry as a way to unwind from her demanding role as a therapist, Alevtina decided to take the plunge into object design. This transformation allowed her to fully focus on mastering new decorating techniques and materials. This decision opened a world of creative possibilities.

Implementing the idea :

Alevtina chose consoles as her design subjects. She firmly believes that consoles will find their place in any home, as they are not only a functional piece of furniture but also an important decor element that can significantly enrich the interior of a house. It can serve as a stylish accent in the interior, complement the overall composition of the room, and give a finished look. The choice of material, shape, and color of the console can emphasize the style of the room and create a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, it is perfect for narrow or limited-space rooms because it takes up little space while providing enough surface area for various items. However, it is important to make this console special and valuable for a particular person. Alevtina says, "Perhaps many are familiar with the feeling when you find an item in a store that makes you want to squeal, tiptoe, and realize that you cannot live without this thing. That long-forgotten childish feeling of 'Mom, buy it, buy it' and the joy of possessing what you desire! People sincerely rejoice when they find in my consoles a reflection of their own vision, reinforcing their choice of a specific design for their home."

At the very beginning of her journey, Alevtina had an art studio where she conducted workshops on furniture repainting and interior item decoration, as well as an online store selling furniture paints and various decorative materials. It was the studio that gave Alevtina the opportunity to try out many different techniques and materials, get acquainted with product manufacturers, and choose the best ones for her work. She chose to create vintage-looking furniture using painting and decorating techniques.

After finishing various studies, Alevtina has excellent skills in selecting appropriate colors and techniques to transform a piece of furniture into a unique console that fits the esthetic preferences of her clients, conceptualizing designs, and choosing a color scheme that complements the space. She excels at using painting techniques such as applying a one-color paint effect using chalk paint, waxing for a beautiful finish, and creating an ombre effect with multiple colors.

Incorporating botanical or animalistic details into the final project, Alevtina adds a unique touch to the console, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Alevtina is well-versed in finishing touches, aftercare tips, staging techniques, and photography. She is perfect at creating beautiful consoles that showcase her creativity and add a personal touch to any living space.

Consoles with soul and perfect woodworking skills.

Before starting work, Alevtina studies design and material trends and develops a general concept for future consoles. This includes selecting materials, color palettes, shapes, and functionality.

The next step involves creating sketches and drawings of future consoles and determining their dimensions, details, and style. Considering Alevtina’s expertise in carpentry and decorative arts, she can select the highest-quality and most suitable materials for creating the consoles: natural wood, metal and glass imitating materials, and others. In the decoration process, Alevtina uses various techniques, layers of decorative materials, patterns, designs, and textures to create unique and impressive console designs.

For a long time, Alevtina only made white "consoles" in the Scandinavian style, but now she has completely moved away from this in favor of the joy of color, pattern, and intricate decor, the combination of which has become recognizable. It takes me about two weeks to create a single console if it is repeated. However, I continue to experiment with colors and textures, constantly searching for new design options.

There are several wonderful examples of happy owners of such unique consoles. For instance, a console with parrots was purchased joyfully by a woman who had curtains in the same pattern; a console in the color of space dust was created specifically for a client’s Buddha statue, who is engaged in spiritual practices. Alevtina says, "This woman wrote that she could not find a worthy stand for her favorite figurine and felt deep regret and even guilt about it toward the deity. It seems like an ordinary console, but in a person's soul, there is harmony and happiness, if you will. And there are many such examples. That's exactly why I love object design."

Mastery and Creativity at Exhibitions

Alevtina actively participates in various exhibitions, where her consoles always attract the attention of audiences and experts through their original style and quality of execution. Her works are distinguished by their sophistication, innovative solutions, and their ability to combine different styles and techniques. Through her projects, Alevtina inspires others and demonstrates her skills and talent in the design field.

Moreover, Alevtina enjoys sharing her skills and filming the entire decorating process for her followers on Instagram and YouTube. A tremendous number of people write personal messages to her thanking her for her blog.

“Many write that they literally drop everything and rush to watch my new video or masterclass!” she said.

Alevtina Grishina is a talented carpenter, decorator, and object designer who has innovative ideas. She started with transforming the furniture and now she can literally make masterpieces from scratch, giving these interior items unique individuality and the style of the Victorean era. In a world of constantly changing design trends, Alevtina believes that it is important to create interiors that have significance and durability over time while reflecting the individuality of each person. Her works allow everyone to feel unique, thanks to her personal approach to design and the creating of adorable pieces of furniture."

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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