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The Drawing of the Year 2022 awards a diverse array of works reflecting the captivating spectrum of idea representation

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Archisource Team
Archisource Drawing of the Year 2022 Awards

The Drawing of the Year 2022 by Archisource announces the standout winners celebrating a diverse array of works reflecting the captivating spectrum of idea representation. Currently in its fourth year, the annual standout drawing awards have become the ultimate accolade for recognising the best visual representations from architecture, design and the creative industries. The Drawing of the Year 2022 was held in partnership with Affinity creative software.

In 2022 the awards received thousands of submissions across 95 countries from students and professionals. There are five award categories, with one winner and several commendations within each category, and a creative prize collection worth over £30,000 ($37,000). “Our mission at Archisource has always been to support and inspire the creative community and the Drawing of the Year is a celebration of creativity. We’re very proud that the free-to-enter awards have become one of the most accessible and inclusive drawing competitions of its kind.”

The aspirational awards recognise and celebrate the diversity of creative works and visual representations from architects, designers and artists of all disciplines and skill levels. This year's winners and finalists showcase a diverse array of truly standout, original drawings from creative studios to students from top international universities to up-and-coming creators of all types.

The winner of the Drawing of the Year Award 2022 is Joe Russell for the imagery titled ‘Tightening the Green Belt’, created whilst studying at the Bartlett School of Architecture. The judges commented: “The imagery celebrates the abilities of a drawing to communicate place, purpose and narrative to architectural language through captivating aesthetics.”

Yichen Sheng of the University of Melbourne School of Design was awarded the Architectural Award 2022 in partnership with Bentley’s MicroStation, for the drawing titled ‘Vessel of Machine’. The judges commended Sheng’s creative flair through their innovative blend of traditional representation methods and sophisticated execution of an original, yet vibrant and contemporary outstanding architectural drawing.

The Environmental Award 2022 was awarded to Annabelle Tan’s series of hybrid, hand drawn images, created at the Bartlett School of Architecture. Exploring a project that speculates on the possibilities of dwelling and appropriation by individual inhabitants, the judges praised Tan’s meticulous hand drawn representations as standout examples of how drawings are strong mechanisms in communicating critical project narratives.

Alexander Jeong and Brandon Hing of University of Southern California received the Narrative Award 2022 for their ‘The Urban Anthro-scape’ illustration. The judges praised the fantastical energy of the imagery that embraces its narrative through-and-through, reclaiming the streets through its creative vibrancy, narrative of public spaces and its unapologetic character of playful storytelling.

The Visualisation Award 2022 was awarded to Ekaterina Ustiuzhanina, Nikita Demidov and Temirbulat Abezivanov of the emerging visualisation studio ‘SVOI’ for their ‘Life in the Swamp’ image. The judges commended SVOI’s standout imagery for its exemplar visualisation qualities in capturing nature, architecture and tranquillity through captivating representation.

The Drawing of the Year 2022 partners Affinity commented: “At Affinity we have a proud history of supporting up-and-coming talent, so we're delighted to have partnered with Archisource for the Drawing of the Year Awards 2022. Affinity is trusted by leading global architecture firms and we’re excited to be supporting the wider industry both students and professionals through this year’s awards. It has been fantastic to see the array of creative imagery submitted by architects, designers to artists of all types from around the world. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists from the whole Affinity team."

The award series is a truly international showcase for the diverse varieties, types, styles and functions of visual representation. Submissions each year are open to all disciplines and can be created in any medium or style, conveying architecture, design or the built environment.

Archisource is displaying all the award winning drawings through an immersive virtual Winners Exhibition in the Metaverse where the imagery can be viewed up close at archisource.org


Name: Joe Russell

Instagram: @Joerussell00

Drawing Title: Tightening the Green Belt


Name: Yichen Sheng

Instagram: @Kar1_sn

Drawing Title: Vessel of Machine


Name: Annabelle Tan

Instagram: @annabelle_tan_kl

Drawing Titles: A Sliver of Housing


Name: Alexander Jeong & Brandon Hing

Instagram: @alexjjeongarch @brandonh.arch

Drawing Title: The Urban Anthro-scape


Name: Ekaterina (SVOI) Ustiuzhanina, Nikita Demidov and Temirbulat Abezivanov

Instagram: @svoi.viz

Drawing Title: Life in the Swamp

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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