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LLP House in São Carlos, Brazil designed by lb+mr

The São Paulo-based architecture and engineering office lb+mr led by Luciana Bernasconi & Mila Ricetti has recently completed ''Casa LLP'' a modern residence that is located in São Carlos, São PauloBrazil

Project description by the architects:

Facing the sunset in the countryside plains of the state of São Paulo (Brazil) and with a privileged view, the LLP House, signed by lb+mr, evokes integration as the project's main point. Complemented by a land that rises and binds the landscape to the house’s common areas, the office proposed a broad plan where residents could gaze the view at different times of the day.

aerial view of the house from above that talent with drone image © Favaro Junior

Large openings encourage natural lighting and provide environmental and thermal comfort. This also creating a unique atmosphere linked to the contemplation of nature. Due to the high topography of the terrain, this scenery is created without losing any privacy. 

light reflection in the pool image © Favaro Junior

With an open outside view, LLP House has large areas planned for gradual landscaping implementation, bringing residents closer to the nature. Providing refuge from urban daily life, the project evokes the concept of a “beachside house” - a common architectural style on the Brazilian coast which provides a wide view of the Atlantic Ocean and direct contact with coastline nature, built from regional materials, such as stone, wood and straw.

cozy outdoor space with fireplace image © Favaro Junior

For this, the office professionals used natural and traditional elements in Brazilian architecture, such as Freijó wood, present in the divisions and in the slatted panels embracing the interiors of the common areas, bringing comfort, warmth and simplicity.

family sitting by fire at outdoor living space with pool view image © Favaro Junior

A large living room was created in the center of the house, meeting any family needs. This central point requires integration into the entire internal-external context, so the glass and wooden doors can be retracted behind the slatted panels. Such breadth came in line with the project’s goal: create a house prepared to receive and encourage residents' interaction. Wide common spaces permeated the main axis of architecture, careful not to lose the feeling of welcoming.

living room with TV image © Favaro Junior

On the balcony, cattail straw covers the pergola, made from Cumaru wood, reinforcing the coastal sense sought by the residents. Attached to it, a gapped pyre fulfills the desire for refuge and leisure in the open. The pool's curved shapes create a geometric counterpoint for the rest of the architecture. With an infinite edge, covered in Hijau stone, it seeks uniformity in landscaping and, thus, refers sensorially to a natural lake.

house with openings and a swimming pool image © Favaro Junior

Another highlight in the leisure area is the sauna/spa. Connected with the couple's suite and the pool through a submerged passage, it highlights the integration program's objective: practicality and convenience. It keeps the horizon on sight and provides residents with a dip and a moment of relaxation framed by the sunset.

light reflection in swimming pool at night image © Favaro Junior

wooden facade house surrounded with pool image © Favaro Junior

wooden steps and deck beside the curvy pool image © Favaro Junior

LLP House in São Carlos, Brazil designed by lb+mrimage © Favaro Junior

modern house surrounded by pool image © Favaro Junior

cozy living room with armchairs and round table image © Favaro Junior

living room with white armchairs and round table image © Favaro Junior

modern kitchen with island image © Favaro Junior

dining area located near kitchen image © Favaro Junior

cozy living room with opening windows image © Favaro Junior

house with large opening spaces image © Favaro Junior

L shape sofa in living room image © Favaro Junior

LLP House in São Carlos, Brazil designed by lb+mrimage © Favaro Junior

pool view at night image © Favaro Junior

stone, wood and concrete used as material fo the house image © Favaro Junior

two men standing by fire at night image © Favaro Junior

two men standing by fire at night in the outdoor space of the house image © Favaro Junior

basement floor plan

Ground Floor Plan

rooftop floor plan

architectural sections


Project name: Casa LLP

Architecture firm: lb+mr

Location: Condomínio Damha Golf, São Carlos, São PauloBrazil

Year: 2019

Area: 771,82 m²

Design Team: Luciana Bernasconi (creative director), Ariane Gonçalves, Amanda Delello, Camila Silveira, Caroline Zanon Gonçalves

Interior architecture: Mila Ricetti

Engeneering: Bernasconi Engenharia Ltda

Structural engineer: Faustino Sanches Junior

Landscaping designer: Silene Bernasconi

Lighting: Jabu Engenharia Elétrica

Photographer: Favaro Junior

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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