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Curved vaults on Shepherds Hill by Inglis Badrashi Loddo Architects

The London-based architectural practice Inglis Badrashi Loddo Architects recently has completed the refurbishment and extension of a large Edwardian house in Highgate, a suburban area of north London

Project description by the architects:

A synthesis of Edwardian and Persian inspired design interventions - IBLA has reworked a previously confused house into a rich and authentic whole for a young family in north London. This Edwardian house had undergone various alterations during its life and had most recently been subdivided into 3 flats. In a series of high-impact moves, IBLA reconfigured and extended it to create a large family house and a separate self-contained flat on the top floor.

Curved vaults on Shepherds Hill by Inglis Badrashi Loddo Architects in London image © Brotherton Lock

The new rear extension unites the previously separate living, kitchen and dining areas into large and open, yet clearly-defined spaces. A diamond-shaped lantern - inspired by traditional cupolas - crowns the dining space, giving a sense of height and grandeur, and bringing light deep into the plan. Three glazed sliding patio doors punctuate the rooms, and allow the family to flow out onto two connected terraces, conceived of as exterior rooms.

a big skylight in the roof image © Brotherton Lock

Vaults are carved out over the new minimal white kitchen which, along with the living space, offers illuminated oak shelves to display the client’s collection of Persian ornaments and artefacts.

the skylight covered with glass at the roof of the house image © Brotherton Lock

gravel covered the roof image © Brotherton Lock

Throughout the rest of the house, a series of bold new bathrooms and a luxurious master bedroom suite - with a generous dressing area and ensuite - sit alongside redecorated rooms with period features, to create a calm and beautiful combination of new and old.

luxury mirror hanged over washing basin image © Brotherton Lock

a small white washing basin in bathroom image © Brotherton Lock

a bathroom with led lighting at the frame of mirrors image © Brotherton Lock

modern bathroom image © Brotherton Lock

Spacious dressing room with built-in wardrobesimage © Brotherton Lock

Spacious dressing room with built-in wardrobesimage © Brotherton Lock

luxury bathroom image © Brotherton Lock

white handrail in a White House image © Brotherton Lock

white handrail used for a white staircase in a hot in London image © Brotherton Lock

white and stylish kitchen image © Brotherton Lock

modern white bedroom image © Brotherton Lock

a black wooden door opened in bedroom image © Brotherton Lock

brick and glass used a house in northern London image © Brotherton Lock

beautiful house with red brick materials image © Brotherton Lock

Existing Floor plans Existing Floor plans 

Proposed Floor Plans Proposed Floor plans 

Architect: Inglis Badrashi Loddo Architects

Location: London, United Kingdom 

Area: 382 m²

Photographer: Brotherton Lock

Structural engineers: Price & Myers

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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