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LP House designed by Metro Arquitetos

The Sao paulo-based architectural office Metro Arquitetos has designed "LP House" a single family home that located in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Project description by the architects:

The house consists of two stacked volumes. The larger ground floor volume embraces the domestic program, and the upper contains an office. The former is a linear form, which incorporates all wet areas; two bathrooms, a kitchen and laundry room. This main volume stretches the length of the site, running parallel to the lateral border, and demarcating the extent of the terrain.

LP House designed by Metro Arquitetos  in Sao Paulo Brazil image © Leonardo Finotti

The main areas of the house, living room and bedrooms, open up towards the garden separated from the wet areas by a corridor. An elevated deck, 45cm above the ground level, allows the front of the house to be used as a comfortable seating area facing the garden.

concrete house with long cantilevered roof image © Leonardo Finotti

a woman standing by window and watching outside of the house image © Leonardo Finotti

The entire structure of the house is made of reinforced concrete, with floors and roofs of solid slabs with the later supported by an additional inverted beam. The external envelope is made of concrete, glass and timber panels. The upper floor which houses the office, consists of a lighter construction, made out of steel paneling and with a metal structure.

a huge tree located at the garden image © Leonardo Finotti

A cantilever on both extremities and the narrow break between the floor beam and the roof slab accentuate the idea of two independent volumes. The stairway is the element that unites both of these volumes, even if positioned on the outside of the house. This makes it possible to go up and down without the need for going inside the house.

wood , glass and concrete used for the exterior design image © Leonardo Finotti

reinforced concrete house with huge windows image © Leonardo Finotti

metalic facade used for the exterior walls image © Leonardo Finotti

a girl going upstairs on a concrete staircase image © Leonardo Finotti

outdoor landscape with a big tree image © Leonardo Finotti

kid toys thrown on the ground at backyard of the house image © Leonardo Finotti

long concrete slab home image © Leonardo Finotti

reinforced concrete stairs image © Leonardo Finotti

the details of the concrete staircase image © Javier Agustin

modern kitchen image © Javier Agustin

black leather sofa in a messy living room image © Javier Agustin

kitchen with big shelves image © Javier Agustin

two colored pendant lamps hanged over the wooden table image © Leonardo Finotti

master bedroom with a huge window toward garden image © Leonardo Finotti

a black cat with yellow eyes sitting on a sofa image © Leonardo Finotti

Project Name: LP House 

Architecture Firm: Metro Arquitetos 

Architectural Design: Gustavo Cedroni, Martin Corullon, Anna Ferrari,Marina Ioshii, Luis Tavares, Bruno Kim e Alfonso Simélio

Completion Year: 2014

Site Area: 520 m²
Area Constructed: 190 m²

Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photographer: Leonardo Finotti, Javier Agustin


By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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