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Fluid bench by Bandana Jain

A functional piece of art, Fluid Bench is designed by Indian contemporary artist Bandana Jain. it represents energy akin to the wave of adolescence. A wave which rises high and finds peace as it simmers down. Along the way it portrays the beauty at the centre of it all, a mermaid who allures, entices and stays away from the glare of existence. A mermaid submerged in the deep.

Fluid Bench

Bandana Jain is a contemporary artist and a design expert. An award-winning personality strongly connects with the idea of sustainability. For Bandana the idea of being ethical is a way of thinking and a lifestyle which is a fair trade with nature. Her love for the environment is vividly visible from the kind of work she does. She unconventionally creates art pieces. Bandana’s artwork has been highly recognized by some of the well-known personalities and art connoisseurs in the industry. Through her art Bandana wants to create a strong social impact. She embraces sustainable living her day to day living as well.

wooden bench with parametric design shape

contemporary furniture

Indian girl sitting on a contemporary bench


Product name: Fluid bench

Manufacturer/ Designer: Bandana Jain

Product type: Functional Art

Size: 8' Length

Contact: contact@bandanajain.com

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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