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Your Guide to Retractable Awning - What is it - How does it work?

Written by:
Anees Saddique

You can adopt several wayst to add value and comfort to the outside of your home. One of the ideal ways to achieve this is by installing a retractable awning. You will need an expert awning in Clearwater for this purpose.

What is Retractable Awning?

An awning is an overhanging covering that can be attached to the outside wall of the building. It could be used for both residential and commercial purposes.

These retractable awnings are amazingly flexible. And that might be the main reason why most people are now replacing their traditional awnings with these new retractable awnings.

These awnings can be retracted or extended depending on the weather condition. You can extend the awnings when it’s hot and rainy, or retract them when the weather is ideal for all the soaking.

Benefits of Retractable Awnings

Here are some wonderful benefits.

Protection from Harmful UV Rays

Sometimes the temperature starts to shoot up to an all-time high, and it gets extremely difficult to sit directly under it.

People usually use sunscreen to avoid sub burnt or any other harm caused by UV rays. But as a matter of fact, these sunscreens can only give protection to your body to some extent.

You can simply install these retractable awnings to serve a purpose during the hot sunny day. You can just extend them, and they will give you ultimate protection.

It will act as a shade in your home so you can enjoy the compound space of your home without giving any thought to getting sunburn.

Preservation of your Home

Ever wondered how come doors and windows fade and their initial strength? Well, that happens when they get a consistent direct UV rays exposure to the sun.

The sun rays are quite penetrative and have the ability to turn your shiny-looking home fittings into rusty ones.

When you allow the sun to directly hit your door and windows, that can really shorten their life.

You can make a wiser decision by installing retractable awnings, limiting the exposure of harmful sun rays to your expensive home fittings. This way, you will be better able to preserve and increase their lifetime.

They offer Flexibility

The flexible nature is what separates these awnings from the traditional ones. Sun rays can be harmful to you and your household items, but still, at times, you need sun rays to get the dose of Vitamin D.

So, if you go with still awnings, you may not get a chance to do what you want at the particular moment.

But with retractable awning, you can always play differently depending on the weather condition.

For example, when it is extremely hot out there, you can extend the awning and use a shade in your outdoor place. But when the weather is not so threatening, and the sun is shining at a very low peak, you could choose to retract and enjoy the weather fully.

You can enjoy sunbathing and fulfill the need for Vitamin D when you feel like it. This is how this awning gives you a more flexible option.

Ease of Use

Another great benefit you get with retractable awnings is that they are quite easy to install.

No matter what the dimensions of your home, you can get them installed easily with the help of professionals.

Moreover, these awnings are usually motorized, and any person can operate them from the control.

You can extend or retract the awnings by just pushing a single button.

Even the kids and old people can operate these awnings with ease, and that is a luxury to have at home.


People are often concerned about whether these awnings will affect the design of their homes. They usually have a fear that by installing these retractable awnings, they may disturb the design and look of the outdoor place.

These awnings are extremely well built and can only enhance the beauty of your outdoor place. You can even have fancy-looking awnings to match what looks suitable at your place.

These awnings come in a different range to fulfill all the needs of consumers and try to give different dynamics to any home's outdoor space.

They are quite affordable

When you are planning to install something new and different at your place, you always go through different options to match your budget.

In the case of permanent awnings, you may have to spend a lot of money to get things done. And that even comes without any flexibility.

Once you have such awnings, you have to bear them no matter the condition of the weather.

However, things are quite different when it comes to retractable awnings. Retractable awnings are quite cheaper. They are less costly to buy and install at the place.

Moreover, they come with a flexible option as you can install them easily at any location of your home. They come as a full package and only require to be fitted in a certain way.

Tips to choose Best Retractable awnings

Primary function

Before going on to purchase any type of awning, you must always have a proper idea of why you need it exactly. If you live in a rainy area, you must always consider purchasing that waterproof awning.

The awnings are made with a different material; you can choose what best suits your needs.

Match Colors with Paintwork

Brands usually offer awnings in multiple colors so that the consumer can match them with their paintwork. Of course, being a consumer, you do not want the awnings to look different and odd at your home.

So you ensure you select the pattern and color that best resonates with your paintwork.


Retractable awnings are famous for providing impressive shading to your outdoor place. You do not want the weather to control when you can roam around at your place.

You want to enjoy every moment of your life, whether it's raining or too hot. People use awnings in the outdoor space, extend the awnings when necessary, and retract them when they feel like it.

By Liliana Alvarez

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