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What should everyone know about engineering and architecture trends in 2022?

Written by:
James Adams
Ricardo Gomez Angel

Engineering and architectural trends in 2022 are fairly diverse. They respond to a specific moment, fashion, and user consumption.

Architecture and engineering are globally relevant sciences that set trends in construction. An architect is capable of planning, projecting, and designing buildings, while an engineer can offer solutions to economic, social, and industrial problems. Among the main trends in engineering and architecture in 2022 are:

      - Sustainability;

      - Open spaces;

      - Mobility;

      - Industrialized facades;

      - Home automation;

      - The use of BIM.

modern house with green roofA Smart Passive House with Green Roof in Moscow, Russia by Snegiri Architects

What defines the trends in engineering and architecture in 2022?

Construction methods have evolved over the years. Architecture and engineering have adapted to the planet's different economic and social changes. The trend in these areas goes mainly hand in hand with sustainability and respect for the environment.

The year 2022 will see a growing trend toward sustainable projects. The world's population is aware of the current problems and is increasingly interested in the care and preservation of the environment. It is critical to encourage environmental stewardship in the places where we live. Doing so will be possible to avoid serious consequences that harm the planet.

Societies are beginning to demand efficient buildings, integrated with the environment and respectful of nature. The global trend in the field of construction is aligned with this. At present, we can observe buildings that respect the space where they are located and blend in with it.

When mentioning next year's trends, concepts such as the following should be taken into account:

     1. Sustainability

It is closely related to the saving of natural resources. By applying it, costs can be reduced and the environmental footprint caused by architectural and engineering works. To be sustainable, a project must be integrated not just by materials that are aligned with it but also by a whole represented by the technology used in the work's creation. The furniture that will be utilized in the areas that comprise it must also be environmentally friendly.

When designing a building, all the elements that integrate it are important. Safety plays a fundamental role because most of the parts of these systems are made of plastics that generate toxic waste to the environment.

Terra - The Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai designed by GrimshawTerra - The Sustainability Pavilion Expo 2020 Dubai designed by Grimshaw

The use of ecological materials in these systems is intended to allow them to be reused. Even though the building may deteriorate over time, these elements maintain a long useful life. Solar and wind power are two technologies that will be maintained in the coming year as clean energy that ensures structures' functioning.

     2. Open spaces

The global context of 2020 and 2021 helped promote change in both housing and offices. The use of open spaces came to the forefront with the design of multifunctional places that can be adapted to the different requirements of users.

In 2022, the trend for co-working spaces for workers will continue. These spaces will have areas for recreation, such as a cafeteria rest area, among others.

The static work mode will continue to disappear. Instead, the new open spaces will house meeting rooms, work tables, and all the necessary services for workers' comfort. 

     3. Mobility

Entrance control systems limit employee access to the different areas where they can work. In 2022 such controls will be easier to use as they will be automated so that both users and doors can operate intuitively. A computer, cell phone, or tablet will be available as a tool to operate the system.

     4. Industrialized facades

Implementing industrialized facades will be present in architectural and engineering works worldwide. This process will allow the technical study to install the modules in a short period of time.

The characteristics present are the structure, insulation, and the different finishes that allow an easy modular installation through a qualified technical team.

These facades have different typologies, can be used closed or open, and allow greater control, quality, and versatility in architectural works.

     5. Home automation

Home automation has evolved the home concept by incorporating comfort and security as essential elements for users. The use of home automation allows: for making home resources profitable, saving 30% or more of energy, and having safer spaces through motion sensors installed in them.

     6. BIM

The BIM system is a work methodology that allows the design of an engineering or architectural project to be centralized through the collaboration of different AutoDesk programs. Among the fields covered by the integration are 3D, 4D or 5D views, environmental and maintenance in a central digitized model developed by professionals in the field. Everything leads to a single goal: efficiency in executing architectural and engineering works.

Adventurous Global School in Cambodia by Orient Occident AtelierAdventurous Global School in Cambodia by Orient Occident Atelier

Structural: a school for development in the world of construction

The trends in engineering and architecture 2022 correspond to the latest consumer demands and desires. However, some of them may remain in time and set a milestone in the standards of engineering and architecture worldwide.

Structural is a school that allows you to obtain all the necessary knowledge to develop your full potential in this field. We offer several specialized master's degrees to help architecture and engineering professionals adapt to changes and keep abreast of new developments.

The trends mentioned above will set the engineering and construction sector standard. They will contribute to energy efficiency, reduce the environmental footprint, and create cost savings in building construction.

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By Liliana Alvarez

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