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What Is the Future of Energy for American Homeowners?

Written by:
Allen Brown
Vivint Solar

With all of the evidence of global warming taking effect, around 85% of consumers in the US are trying to make more sustainable choices. 

Even the most minor efforts to go green can help protect the environment and preserve the planet for future generations.

If you want to decrease energy spending and reduce your carbon footprint, there are other forms of power to consider. 

Continue reading to discover what the future of energy will look like so that you can live more sustainably! 

Hydro Energy

One of the most practical and cleanest forms of energy comes from the flow of water. 

Hydropower is a common choice for energy in commercial buildings and the future of energy. If you live near a large body of water or river, you can probably find a dam nearby. The dams have turbines that convert the flow of the water into a source of electricity. 

Most of the hydropower goes onto a grid, however, there are off-grid options for running homes and private businesses. 

Solar Energy

Many people recommend solar installation since it's affordable and easy to install.

Solar panels often get installed on rooftops or in an open field. Even if you don't get exposure to the sun every day, you can still use this as an option. Solar energy is very efficient and becoming the main contender with fossil fuel energy. 

This type of power is effective and reliable throughout all times of the year. 

Wind Energy

Much like solar power, wind energy has a reliable source to pull power from. 

Wind farms and windmills are popping up all over the place, especially in rural areas. Near coastal towns and in the plains, these windmills can create clean energy and emit it to local areas. 

The turbines are large and although there are a few problems to resolve, like birds flying into them, they are a perfect solution.

Geothermal Energy

Currently, there is no shortage of heat and people are hoping to decrease energy spending. 

With recond-breaking temps getting recorded daily, scientists have found a way to turn the heat into something useful. By harnessing heat below the Earth's surface, homes can get a clean source of energy. Although this isn't the most practical form of power in all parts of the world, it's becoming more popular. 


If you want to know about lesser-known future energy predictions, you should learn about biomass. 

Biomass is solid plant material that can get converted into fuel. Burning these organic materials can produce cheaper energy and help improve the planet. Not only will plants become energy, but they will also help purify the air and improve the environment. 

Will the Future of Energy Catch You by Surprise?

Learning about the future of energy can help you make wiser decisions as a homeowner.

Not only can you save money with sustainable energy, but you can also help save the planet. With little to no emissions, these renewable forms of energy are efficient. Depending on where you live, one source of power might be better than the other, especially if you live near water. 

Don't be afraid to make the change to clean energy, it could even increase the value of your home. 

Be sure to read our blog for more content about sustainable living and making smart homeowner decisions! 


By Liliana Alvarez

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