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Top 3 Smart Fridge Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Written by:
Felicia Priedel

Smart technology is truly the way of the future. Wi-Fi connectivity helps to connect all the rooms in your house. You know that technology is making strides when you can drop in on your kids, using Alexa to speak to them from your bedroom as they play in the living room. But what about your kitchen? You can outfit it with smart technology as well, especially your refrigerator. Check out our short analysis of the top three smart fridge features that will make your life easier below

Prevent Maintenance Problems

We’re sure you want to keep your smart fridge in tip-top shape. What if we told you your fridge could sense when it’s on the fritz and order its parts? While it has its refrigerator maintenance checklist built in, you can make your own. That’s exactly what happens when it’s time for your fridge to get a part serviced. You can download smart apps that will tell you when your fridge needs maintenance, offer to order parts if it’s still under warranty and provide a schedule for someone to come out and fix it if you can’t do so yourself. The AI can catch all sorts of issues, like obstructed airflow and rapid temperature drops. 

Save Energy

Smart fridges are far more energy efficient, not only because of their newness but because they constantly monitor the various issues in the fridge. They can also provide the ability to adjust temperatures when they seem to go awry. They can even alert the user that something is blocking circulation in the fridge. These things make your appliances and HVAC system work a lot harder. It can put a dent in your wallet. This energy-saving technology is a great smart fridge feature that will make your life easier. 

Store Recipes

Did you know you can completely forget about pulling out an old cookbook or tablet for your recipes? Did you know smart fridges can store recipes for you that you can refer to in real time? In most cases, you can have your fridge read it back to you or scroll through YouTube videos with walk-throughs of cooks making your favorite dish. Surfing YouTube on your fridge is unprecedented. What better time than now to start learning how to cook?

There are many great smart features out here. These current evolutions are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you choose to listen to music while cooking a meal or order fridge parts from your phone, smart technology is growing rapidly. Take full advantage of the advances!

By Liliana Alvarez

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