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The Major Steps On How To Measure Windows For Brampton Windows Replacement

Written by:
Iveta Bern
Kate Mangostar

Steps On How To Take Measurements For Brampton Windows Replacement

Brampton windows replacement is an investment project for homeowners and helps add to the value of the home. Once homeowners have decided to have their windows replaced, their next step is usually buying the replacement windows. They need to take measurements to get the size correct, depending on the type of installation they are going for.

Most of the time, homeowners are recommended to get windows that match in size with the existing ones to avoid the trouble of interfering with the structure during the replacement project, which could be risky. Here are a few steps you can take to measure your windows for the Brampton windows replacement project.

1. Get The Necessary Tools And Equipment

In order to take the measurement of the windows you will definitely need certain tools and equipment to take measurements in order to get the fitting windows for Brampton windows replacement.

You cannot just estimate the size of the window by looking at it, and it is important to get the finer details because when it comes to measurements, even the smallest reading matters.

One of the tools you will need is the measuring tape which is used to take the required reading. Along with the tape measure, you will need a notebook to note down the readings to avoid forgetting or mixing them up.

You will also need a ladder to help access the furthest corners when taking measurements. Do not assume that you don’t need a ladder since the window is on the ground floor. Some window frame corners will be impossible to reach comfortably without a ladder.

You will need to collect all the equipment in the same place before you start the process of taking the measurements of windows Brampton. This will save you the trouble of moving around when taking the measurements, which could result in biases and a waste of time.

2. Start By Measuring The Frame Lining Of The Window

Most people tend to rush to take the measurement of the frame and completely forget about the measurement of the frame lining.

Each and everyone has a plastic or aluminum liner around them. The standard size of this lining is about half an inch, and leaving out this measurement for Brampton windows replacement may make a very major difference.

3. Taking The Measurement Of The Width Of The Window

To measure the width of a window, you are required to use the measuring tape at the top of the window to start. Once you have marked out the top part readings, move the tape measure to the center horizontal part of the widow and record the readings as well. Finish up with the bottom, and you can be guaranteed accurate width readings if you are doing everything right.

4. Taking The Measurement Of The Height Of The Window

Just like when taking the width readings, you should also take three readings for the height. Take both sides and the center reading vertically to ensure accurate results. Use the ladder carefully to reach the furthest point that you may need to when taking this measurement.

The person taking the measurement using the tape measure should not be the one taking the records to avoid confusion. Each measurement should be noted immediately to avoid confusion about taking several measurements and mixing them up without knowing.

5. Measuring The Opening Of The Window

The window opening is where the windows go on the structure, so taking its measurement should not be left out. 

You should start by taking the measurement of its depth because different windows frame has different frame depths. Ensure you measure the part around the frame of windows Brampton both the inside and the outside and from edge to the other.

This measurement of the window framing should be taken from the shortest point, and what you get as the smallest reading is the dimension that you get to work with.

Taking the diagonal measurement of the window for Brampton windows replacement can help you calculate the window's opening distance. Carefully take the measurement from the top right corner all the way to the bottom left corner and keep the record.

By Liliana Alvarez

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