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The Best Locations To Build and Live in a Yurt

Written by:
Christina Duron

Championing the eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t mean sacrificing comfort—the rise of yurt living for those who long for sustainable abodes without the shackles of traditional housing is part of a greater movement.

Step out of the confines of typical city life and enter the canvas world of the yurt—a space that not only pledges to lessen your carbon footprint but connects you to nature uniquely. If this piques your adventurous soul while your eco-friendly mindset is in full bloom, read on to find the best locations to build and live in a yurt.

Yurt Living Benefits

Yurts are growing in popularity as part of the sustainable living movement. With a construction that treads gently on the earth, yurts appeal to adventurers who are selective about their footprint. They offer a mix of durability due to their design, which adeptly handles harsh climates and a night sky view that reminds you of your proximity to the universe.

Living within a yurt’s circle means immersing yourself in off-grid advantages, like sourcing energy from the sun and wind, letting rainwater quench your thirst, and welcoming the rising sun as your daily wake-up call. This eco-epoch is not for the faint-hearted; living in a yurt demands an intrepid spirit and the tenacity to redefine modern comfort.

Key Considerations for Yurt Locations

Finding the perfect spot to pitch your yurt isn’t just about beauty and tranquility; it’s a dance with practicality and legality. Some states in the US have statutes that allow for yurt living, which are particularly alluring for homesteaders. The design of modern yurts factors in acoustics and weather resistance and offers a homely comfort without compromise.

Modern yurt designs are brilliant and can withstand diverse climates, from the arid plains of the Southwest to the humid reaches of the Southeast. Connectivity to essential resources—water, power, and food—is also vital. Legalities come into play, as some areas are friendlier to off-grid living than others. Ensure the zoning regulations align with your eco-aspirations.

Top Locations for Yurt Living

The appeal of living in a yurt is not about geography. From the towering pines of the Pacific Northwest to the rolling steppes of Mongolia, there are several sanctuaries for yurt enthusiasts around the globe. Each locale has its unique draw; the Pacific Northwest beckons with its temperate rainforests, while Mongolia whispers tales of its original yurt dwellers, correlating a historical ambience with modern sustainability.

Scandinavia’s harsh winters are a litmus test for one’s commitment to yurt living, but its renowned welfare system makes it a secure bet for sustainability advocates. New Zealand’s proximity to the Southern Alps and the Pacific Ocean offers a yurt lifestyle that could involve beachcombing and mountaineering in the same week.

Yurt living isn’t just an alternative lifestyle; it’s an ode to sustainability that resonates deeply with those who crave a harmonious existence with the world around them. For the conscientious modern traveler, setting roots in a yurt is a return to the rustic wisdom of ancient nomads and an innovative step toward an eco-future. With some of these best locations in mind, you can build and live in a yurt and be at one with the beauty around you.

By Liliana Alvarez

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