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Security Considerations When Buying Your Next Apartment

Written by:
Jennifer Sy
Tobias Wilden

1 in 4 Americans uses a security system to protect their home. When purchasing your next apartment, you must ensure that the property manager provides comprehensive building security.

What are the top security installations to look for when purchasing your next apartment?

Keep reading to learn about the top security considerations that can help you feel safe and secure in your new home

Touchless Door Access

When purchasing your next apartment, security is a top priority. You need to know that your property is secured from intruders without sacrificing your convenience when entering your building.

Touchless access control is becoming an increasingly popular solution for apartment security, as it offers convenience for the user and more hygienic entry. It provides the benefits of cloud-based security hardware.

Touchless access control does not operate using pin or card key systems. Instead, the user can download access credentials to their mobile device and use their mobile to enter the building. By opting for a touchless access control system in your next apartment, you gain the following benefits:

     - Convenient touchless entry - instead of touching a button or pin pad to enter the building, users can enter by waving their hand over the access control reader. The motion of their hand will trigger remote communication with their mobile device to open the door, even if the device is stored in a handbag or pocket. 

     - First-time entry - users can enter on their first attempt, as the reader uses three communication methods to detect the mobile credentials. Using bluetooth, wifi, and cellular communication ensures no failure. Since you’ll be more vulnerable when entering your apartment complex, opting for a security solution that permits quick entry is best.

     - Vehicle access control - by installing a vehicle access control system integrated with access control, you can ensure that building security applies to your home and your parking facility.

     - Remote operation - you can check the status of your door locks remotely with a touchless access control system. A cloud-based mobile application lets you view whether your doors are locked and lock them without returning to your apartment. If you lose your access credentials, your building manager will be able to let you into the building quickly, without traveling to the apartment complex - reducing your vulnerability if you become locked out.

     - More hygiene - since touchless entry doesn’t require you to touch a button or pin pad, you’re significantly less exposed to the spread of germs. Touchpoints like elevator buttons, handrails, and pin pads can become rife with germs, increasing your chances of catching a virus. By reducing the number of touchpoints necessary to enter the building, you can improve your home hygiene and reduce exposure to viruses and germs.

Opting for a sophisticated and modern security solution in your next apartment complex can help you to manage your home security more effectively and conveniently.

Video Surveillance And Identity Verification

One of the key vulnerabilities of any entry security system is the potential for an unauthorized intruder to steal access credentials and use them to enter the property. To combat this vulnerability, you can opt for an apartment secured with surveillance and identity verification.

Surveillance provides evidence should a crime occur on the property and deters intruders from attempting to enter the property. However, by integrating video surveillance and access control, building managers can provide identity verification to eliminate the possibility of a user entering with stolen credentials.

A video intercom reader combines video surveillance and access control in a single device for identity verification, allowing access logs and video feed to be housed on a single system. If a user tries to enter the building with stolen credentials, this will trigger an alert, allowing for a security response.

If you want air-tight security in your new home for peace of mind, then opting for video surveillance integrated with access control can help to make your new home as safe as possible.

Seamless Visitor Check-In

Although you may wish to secure your new apartment from intruders, your guests should be able to enter your apartment quickly with seamless visitor check-in. With cloud-based access control comes the opportunity to integrate visitor management software for automated visitor check-in.

When your guest needs to enter the building and visit your apartment, all they must do is register by filling out a form on their mobile device. Once the form is complete, they will be granted temporary access credentials to enter the building. The system will ensure your safety when they leave by revoking their access credentials and signing them out.

A Single Credential For All Spaces

To ensure you can easily access all amenities within your apartment complex, you should opt for a building that uses a single credential for all spaces. This way, you will not lose your access key to your apartment building’s laundry room, gym, or swimming pool.

Additionally, your building manager should gain a single master credential that allows them to enter all apartments in the complex. If an emergency evacuation or work needs to be performed in your apartment, your property manager can enter your apartment and allow the contractor to complete the job.


Although you may need plenty of natural light, a modern and updated bathroom, and large open spaces in your next apartment, you also need to consider security. Comfort and safety are essential qualities in a home. Considering the security elements in this article will help you ensure your new home is appealing - but more importantly, secure.

By Liliana Alvarez

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