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Leave These Six Plumbing Issues to the Professional

Written by:
Allen Brown
Samuel Sianipar, Elf-Moondance (Cover image)

Plumbing is a vital part of every household and property, so things can drastically change when there is a problem regarding it; it totally influences your day-to-day routine! Most people are not plumbers by nature, and in most cases, it’s better to let professionals do their jobs. A lot of things can go wrong in your DIY attempts to fix your plumbing issues, and even small problems can turn into big travesties if you mess up! So here are six plumbing issues to leave to the professionals!

     1. Broken pipes

Plumbing sounds easy; just turn off the water leakage, grab some tools and screw some screws, right? Well. not exactly, as things can go south if you have no idea how to fix it, even worse if you have no idea what’s the problem, to begin with. Like many other issues, you can fix broken pipes with the help of companies like All Service Plumbers  because just fixing the pipes requires some extra skills! Especially if the pipes or leaking, it can be on a super intricate and complicated spot, only a professional will know how to fix it, so think smart, not hard; why would you rack your brains when you can hire someone to do the job for you! 

     2. Gas leaks

Probably one of the most dangerous plumbing problems is the infamous gas leaks! This can be dangerous in more ways than one, gas is poisonous and highly flammable, so it poses a threat to you and your family. The best thing to do is to get out of the building, evacuate it, and call a professional, possibly 911 as they are more adept to act in this situation than you! Absolutely do not try to fix something yourself, as you can cause extremely devastating outcomes!

     3. Leaking hot pipes

Another one of dangerous plumbing problems that should be dealt with by a professional who knows what he’s doing rather than someone clueless! The same can be said for water heaters, as they are connected to electricity and water - double trouble, one bad move and you can cause a lot of damage to both yourself and your property. Possible explosions, fires, electrical problems sound like a lot of trouble! Stay away from installing things, and especially stay away from fixing them! Dealing with such complex things should be left to those who can handle it! 

     4. Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes are not as uncommon as you might think, but they can come as a surprise if you live in usually warm locations! So what do you do when temperatures reach extremely low numbers and your plumbing system suddenly freezes? The only answer is to console with a professional, this might seem like an easy fix - just wait for it to melt or possibly melt it yourself, right? Absolutely not! A lot of issues can occur just by pipes being frozen, clogs, leaks that froze and expand making more damage than you can imagine!

water pipes image © Samuel Sianipar

     5. Sewer repair

Sure, everyone has problems with their pipes, toilets, and drains, most of the time, that’s easy work, but if there is an underlying issue lurking around, you might want to call in a professional instead. Sewer line problems are serious and can create so much harm and damage to your property and home, making your life that much harder! Swear repairs can vary from unclogging and cleaning to leaking pipes, depending on the severity of the situation! It’s also hard work above all else, it consists of digging and lots of labor just to reach the sewer, not to mention fixing the thing! 

     6. Pipe rerouting

This might not be an issue in general, but trying to add a bathroom or place an existing one somewhere is quite a task to tackle. If you want to reroute your pipes for whatever reason, you’ll most definitely need a professional. Not only are you probably not adept at planning and executing the action, but you’ll probably do a bad job and create general problems with the plumbing system of your home. So instead of jumping into it, it might be best to at least first consult with a professional and call-in service at the beast so you get the job done correctly!

At the end of the day, plumbing is the same as heating and electricity or any other heavy-duty component that makes your home complete! That means that you should always strive for the best quality and good problem solving rather than ignoring the problem or trying to save money by repairing it yourself. The already obvious problem can get out of hand if you accidentally make things even worse, so you won’t be saving money in the long run! 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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