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Late Summer / Fall Gardening Experience

Written by:
Peter Costello

1. Microgreens: Nutritious and Delicious: Did you know that microgreens can contain 4-40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts? It’s shocking, I know. Not only are microgreens jam-packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, but they also add a healthy zest to any dish! Microgreens are also super easy and fun to grow. This soil-based microgreens starter kit from True Leaf Market includes all the supplies you need to grow your microgreens, along with five variety recommendations for getting started. From how to seed them to helpful growing insights and nutritional information from the seed and Horticulture experts at True Leaf Market, we’d be glad to assist you with an article or any of your related editorial content needs.

2. Fermentation - Preserve the Nutritional Value of Your Harvest: As the weather gets cooler, fermenting as a fall editorial topic gets hot! With harvesting season approaching, readers are looking for expert advice on how to preserve their lovely fruits and vegetables. One bylined article from (or interview with) one of the degreed Horticulturists with True Leaf Market, and your readers can learn everything they need to know about fermenting and the materials required to preserve the nutritional value of their harvest.

3. Seeds to Sow for a Perfect Fall Harvest: With Fall just around the corner, now is the perfect time to delve into the realm of fall gardening and discover the best seeds to sow for a perfect autumn harvest. See the top seed varieties True Leaf Market has to offer this summer and fall that your readers could grow and harvest for Thanksgiving dinner or to share with friends and family. Root vegetables, such as Rainbow Blend Carrots and Red Ace Beets can be planted in August to be harvested in the autumn months. Also, try True Leaf Market’s Fall & Winter Vegetable Seed Assortment for ideas on planting a wide variety of cold hardy vegetables. This hand-picked mix of seeds includes 14 varieties of vegetables to extend your harvest through fall and winter.

4. 3 Tips to Keep Your Weeds Under Control: Looking for the best ways to prevent weeds from sprouting in your garden? Try planting Red Lentils, Black Soybeans or Buckwheat to prevent those pesky weeds. True Leaf Market has got some helpful tips and materials for taming the unruly uprising of weeds. An article with insights and quotes from True Leaf Market could inform your readers with tips for keeping weeds under control.

5. Unveiling a hidden gem of gardening wisdom: Cover crops! Picture this: Every year, your vegetables draw vital nutrients from the soil, leaving it depleted and yearning for replenishment. Enter cover crops, the unsung heroes, donning the cloak of living mulch to shield the soil from the erosion, splashing and ghastly winds associated with a bare winter garden. True Leaf Market loves opportunities to empower and illuminate gardeners about the usefulness of cover crops, showcasing the ease of planting and growing cover crops to protect their regular beds, borders, raised beds, and container gardens during the winter season.

6. Labor Day Garden Delights: Celebrate rest and relaxation with an assortment of True Leaf Market flower seed varieties perfect for Labor Day. Whether you're an avid gardener or a beginner, flowers such as, sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, asters, and more, will add a touch of beauty and appreciation to your Labor Day celebrations with their vibrant colors, symbolic meanings and ease of cultivation.

7. True Leaf Market: A One-Stop Gardening Shop: Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could purchase your gardening supplies at the same place you purchase your seeds? With True Leaf Market, you can! True Leaf Market offers a wide variety of gardening supplies, such as planters, growing trays, growing racks and even grow lights! The team at True Leaf Market would love to talk about why all these products are necessary and beneficial for the garden of your dreams. True Leaf Market could guest-write for you or be interviewed - you name it.

By Liliana Alvarez

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