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Kitchen TV ideas: how to incorporate a television into your space

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Edward Roesch

Kitchen TV is a popular trend in design. People that spend time cooking and cleaning their kitchen would highly appreciate having a sort of entertainment to make their time more pleasant. On the other hand, they like to access recipes for experimenting with flavors. However, from a designer's point of view, fitting a TV in a kitchen can be challenging. You don't want to disrupt the natural flow but make the TV feel like a part of the design. This post shares information on adding a TV into the kitchen and all the possible challenges to consider and overcome.

Integration in the cabinets

If you plan to do a kitchen from scratch, then implementing the TV within the cabinet is an excellent way to start. This step requires you to create a bespoke kitchen design that will suit your needs. Concealing the TV in a cabinet is ideal for minimalist kitchens that need to stay streamlined. For more traditional techniques, sophisticated devices can be an eyesore. You can use this method to avoid disrupting the conventional features of a kitchen.

Kitchen TV in an open plan space

Finding the ideal position for your TV is crucial when you have an open-plan space. You would want to see the natural focal point and position the device. This way, it will be easily visible when you prepare a meal. Or you might want to overlook the TV when seated at the vidaxl dining table

Some might consider that a TV screen popgun from your kitchen island is an excellent way to keep it concealed. However, the proximity of the TV isn't recommended. The accidental spills can damage the device, so you would want to put it away from the cooking areas.

Concealing the cables

Visible cords can ruin your well-designed kitchen. Therefore You would wish to consider the options for concealing your cables. Your electrician will channel the cords so they are less visible and will recommend cord organization to keep them neat. On the other hand, sophisticated TVs come with thick and less visible optical cables.

TV that blends into the interior

Adding a suitable tv stand might work well for your kitchen. If you can't fit the unit into your kitchen, think of letting the device blend into the interior and become a part of the decor. The Frame TV by Samsung is a revolutionary innovation in the interior design world. This TV has a slim design that looks identical to a picture frame. On the other hand, the device will display artwork when in standby mode. It is a discrete TV that will look like part of your decor but also serve its primary function. With so many artwork color schemes to choose from, you can always find the right fit for your home. 

Solution for small kitchens

Sometimes your kitchen design won't make it easy for you to fit a TV. Installing a TV might require you to create a bespoke kitchen. Or, your space might be too small, so you prioritize using the available space for storage. In these cases, adding a tablet to your kitchen would solve the problem. You will still get access to your favorite content while saving up precious kitchen space. The best thing is that you don't have to touch it with your hands. You can use Alexa to send voice commands and access the content easily. You can leave the tablet on your worktop or install a holder over the backsplash for easy aces. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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