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Joinery for doors and windows - what can you gain on cooperation?

Written by:
Meryem Yılmaz
Keegan Checks

The carpentry industry is performing very well these days. There has been a continuous demand for carpentry services for a few years now, but due to the shortage of materials, the waiting time for completion is getting a little longer. Even though commodity prices are rising steadily, windows and doors are needed when developers build new residential buildings, as well as office buildings. Individuals, on the other hand, replace these components with new ones due to, e.g., the renovation of an apartment in an older tenement or buy them during the construction of a house.

What is joinery for doors and windows?

Joinery for doors and windows covers all the solutions that are used in building joinery. Most often, it consists of elements such as windows, doors, stained glass, gates and any other similar components. The laws that govern the installation of joinery for doors and windows are contained in the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure dated November 6, 2008, amending the Regulation on technical conditions to which buildings and their location should conform. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the airtightness of the components needed when buying them.

Types of windows

Windows can be subdivided on the basis of:

     - material – plastic, wooden, aluminium or steel,

     - shape – rectangular, triangular, round, arched or trapezoidal,

     - structure – single-frame, loom, box or frame,

     - opening method – casement, hopper, casement-hopper, turn-only, sliding, pivot, hinged or non-opening,

     - installation place - facade, that is, facade or roof, that is, slope.

Types of doors

The main types of doors are:

     - external,

     - interior,

     - sliding,

     - tilt,

     - broken or otherwise known as folding,

     - harmonious,

     - swinging,

     - aluminium,

     - wooden,

Types of doors

Debesto is an indispensable joinery broker that specializes in the export of joinery for doors and windows for construction companies. The brand uses innovative technologies that allow anyone to have the freedom of choice for windows, doors, gates and blinds. They try to transform complicated, technical language into language that is understandable and clear to others. They focus on a clear message and direct communication. What's more, they work with both business and private clients. They brilliantly customize offers to meet the individual needs of those interested. They understand the importance of time, so for private customers they offer the possibility to order products online and have them delivered directly to their homes. For corporate customers, on the other hand, they guarantee high quality products at a lower price when purchasing larger quantities. What's more, they offer advice on measurements and installation. Go to debesto.com/en and check it out for yourself!

Joinery for doors and windows – summary

It is worth picking the right joinery broker to cooperate with, because of the individual approach to their clients, attractive offers and consulting services, which are essential when it comes to choosing windows and doors.

By Liliana Alvarez

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