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How To Use A Cubic Feet Calculator: Step-By-Step Instructions

Written by:
Rebecca R. Simpkin
Rebecca R. Simpkin

A cubic foot is a parameter used to define the unit of volume of a cube with each side one foot long. 

Anything having a cuboid shape its volume is defined by cubic feet. It is an imperial unit of measuring the volume of space occupied by a three-dimensional object. Cubic feet are used to describe the capacity of an object, container, or room. To provide ease in the calculation of cubic feet without applying mathematical formulas a cubic feet calculator online is powerful for scientists and engineers. 

Application of cubic feet calculator

Cubic feet measurement is a widely used parameter for measuring the volume of materials. Following are a few application where cubic feet is useful

In construction industry

It is used to measure the volume of bulk material such as sand, gravel, and wood chips. For measuring the truckload of sand, and gravel an online volume calculator provides results in cubic feet as in yards and in other units which provides an edge for the user. In the construction industry cubic feet parameter is widely used for measuring cement, and sand such that it fulfills the need of the project without wasting the material. Therefore the material is already estimated. 

Gas or  liquid containers

Cubic feet are used to measure the volume of gasses or liquids in a container. For example, a tanker carrying fuel is said to have a capacity of 10 cubic feet. It is equivalent to about 283 litres of gas.

Similarly, a water tank is said to contain 50 cubic feet of water which is equivalent to 1415 liters of water. In the petrol industry, travelling petrol or gas a record is maintained in a cubic foot of gas has transferred to tanks. A storage tank capacity is measured in cubic feet. It estimates how much amount of fuel a storage reservoir can contain. It measures how much fuel is left behind so that more fuel can be loaded before the company is short of fuel.  

Shipment of luggage

In home shifting the container is a booked that calculates its space storage capacity in cubic feet. It is used to measure storage units or shipping container capacity. For example, a storage unit of capacity 100 cubic feet is enough space storage to hold a large number of boxes. In the logistics industry, cubic feet measurement is important so that they can use their full container. 

In Engineering calculations

In designing an industrial system volume of reservoirs, tanks, and other structures is to be defined in cubic feet. In calculating the volume of gas a tank can contain is measured in cubic feet. For determining the amount of water a reservoir can hold is measured by figuring cubic feet. In fluid dynamics, cubic feet are used to quantify the volume of fluid. Engineers use this parameter to calculate flow rate, pressure drop, and design capacity for fluid handling. 

In HVAC calculation

Nowadays central air condition system is used in every building. To find the exact size of AC cubic feet calculation of a room is found. HVAC technicians use cubic feet calculation to find the right size of the heating or cooling system. In space planning and designing including HVAC designing of a room and construction material can be estimated with cubic feet calculation.  

Furniture buying 

Cubic feet of space are found before buying furniture for the room so that it can fit in the room properly. It helps you understand and visualize how it is to fix your space. 

A step-by-step guide for cubic feet calculation

To calculate the cubic feet of an object 

 - Visit calculator-online.net and search for cubic feet calculator 

 - For finding cubic feet two options are available 

 - Choose from the drop-down menu. Calculate volume from length, width, height or height and area. 

 - Measure your measurement in ft 

 - Measure weight and find the price per unit 

 - Insert values and hit the calculate button

The output will display cubic feet along with their other units. In a single calculation, you can find other alternative units and price estimations. No hassle to use another converter or calculator. 

Formula to calculate cubic feet

Using area

volume = area x height

Using length, width, and height

volume= length x width x height

From meter

volume (m3) = length(m)  x width(m)  x height(m)

volume(ft3)= volume (m3) x 35.31

From inches

volume (in3) = length(in)  x width(in)  x height(in)

volume(ft3)= volume (in3)1728

 From yard

volume (yd3) = length(yd)  x width(yd)  x height(yd)

volume(ft3)= volume (yd3) x 27


A cubic feet calculator is a versatile calculator which also calculates cubic feet from inches, yards, miles, and cm. It provides users with the facility to measure in any unit and find the result in every possible volume unit. Due to its vast range of applications, it is widely used by designers, technicians, and engineers in their calculations. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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