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How to Make Your City More Attractive and Clean: Useful Tips

Written by:
Allen Brown
Daryan Shamkhali (Cover image), Cristiana Raluca

Beautifully decorated houses give out a generous welcoming vibe that silently says our house welcomes you. Spreading joy can be done through little acts of kindness even if it was just making someone smile. Since one smile goes a long way, imagine being part of the reason why everyone in your city smiles! Working towards making your city a more beautiful place is going to reflect on you as much as it will reflect on the people living in it. 

Studies have proven that a nice-looking neighborhood has great effects on our mental health and mood. Think of your city as an extension of your own home because this is basically what it is. As a tribute to every city and neighborhood, we bring you these wonderful tips that will make your city a gorgeous, clean place to live in.

Gather the Artists You Know

We see on social media sometimes pictures of streets with breathtaking paintings and colors that are divine works of art. Just seeing these pictures on your phone or computer screen brings so much joy so imagine how amazing it would be if your streets had similar designs. You can start a simple initiative where you ask your artist friends to give a vibrant touch of beauty to your streets. It can also be a workshop for the entire neighborhood. Everyone will have a part in the project, which will make it feel more personal and creates a deeper connection to the area you live in as well.

Remove Faded Paints

Many walls and buildings on the street used to have cool paints and graffiti work. In the course of time, they faint and look more like splashes of something that doesn’t make sense, resulting in a not so decorative look. Furthermore, the specialists at https://www.ablate.com.au suggest that cleaning faded paints or graffiti art that are sometimes illegally put up is one of the most effective things to do to make your city much more attractive. It can be another group project or you can hire someone to clean the walls in your neighborhood.

Plant More Greens

There’s no doubt that plants, whatever their colors are, make everything look more lively and striking. Put some colorful plants in front of your house door or plant more colorful varieties on your lawn. Kiosk owners can also get plant pots to decorate the kiosk’s front with greenery. Plants are known to do more than just add beauty to a place but they also make the air fresher and cleaner, so having more plants in your city also helps save the environment.

Have More Tracks for Bikes

Riding bikes is beneficial in so many ways. It gives you an amazing and refreshing feeling, elevates your mood, and releases stress, as well as contributes to better health for both the riders and the environment in general. Your city will be more heavenly if there could be more tracks where people can safely do activities with their bikes like to just ride them or to race or to workout. 

Using more bikes and fewer cars is also an environmentally friendly way of transport and will greatly help reduce the pollution in the air. With these things in mind, building bike tracks would make for an invigorating city and healthy citizens. It’s another perfect way to make your city an amazing place to live.

bicycle street track image © Cristiana Raluca

Build More Public Libraries

When you read more, you learn more about yourself and the world. Public libraries give people access to so many books about various topics and in different genres, so everyone can find something they like. You can also help by donating old books to public libraries and encourage people to do the same. Another wonderful community service you can do is to offer reading stories to children or help others learn how to read.

Help Light Up the City

Lights bring out the city’s beauty at night and also look amazing. Spotlights installed on the floor will make a huge difference decoration-wise, and in terms of safety as well. There are many dark streets in the city where people find it hard to see what’s happening and these places desperately need some lighting from everyone. A simple way you can help is to set up an outdoor lighting post or hang some string lights in your garden. This will not only improve the ambiance of your outdoor space but also make the street a little more safe to pass by.

Your city is your home outside of your house’s walls, which means you are also responsible to do what you can to make it more attractive. Living in a beautiful-looking city with great services is going to have a wonderful positive toll on your mental and physical health. Besides, you will surely feel proud that you contribute to making the city look nice by giving it every beautiful touch it needs to create a warm welcoming vibe to everyone who walks into your city.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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