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How To Find The Right Blinds For A Modern Look

Written by:
Alaina Trelawney
Stephan Karg - alias XtravaganT

As the start of a new era, modernism presents all sorts of discoveries that push society onward. Although it doesn’t contribute much, unlike the various milestones achieved by technology, architecture tells a story of what modern society’s usual preferences are. Aside from home design, what homeowners would decorate their homes brings their entire aesthetic together, even if it’s as easily overlooked as window treatments.

But little do most people know, window treatments play a valuable role in indoor homes' quality. However, before you purchase the first window treatment you see, be selective when choosing one. Just because window treatments largely improve indoor living, disregarding their appearance only hinders the homeowner from obtaining the full extent of their benefits.

Therefore, knowing how to find the right one would be critical, especially if it’s a window blind. 

     1. Measure Its Size

All windows aren’t built the same. Therefore, even if you’ve seen how large your neighbors’ windows are, that doesn’t mean yours are just as big, regardless if your respective residences were designed by the same architect. Because of this, measuring your window's dimensions must take priority. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying mismatched blinds that don’t cover your windows at all. When that happens, resizing is your only solution, especially if you’re already fond of the blinds you bought.

     2. Determine The Brightness

One key characteristic that differentiates modern aesthetics from vintage ones is how it maximizes natural light. After all, energy efficiency is a running trend for most homeowners. But even though utilizing natural light is extremely beneficial for your bills, not all rooms call for too much brightness.

Bedrooms are one place in the house that shouldn’t receive too much light, especially for nurseries. Having window shades would regulate the sunlight passing through since they can filter out light. But for those who want total darkness day in and day out, have blackout blinds to block out the light completely.

     3. Pick A Material

Aside from minimalism, modern homes typically use a cool color scheme to highlight a ‘fresh’ aesthetic that’s only exclusive to this generation. With how many materials are utilized by window treatment manufacturers, some can achieve a futuristic look, particularly aluminum, wood, and plastic. As for shades, paper and fabrics are commonly used, specifically natural and synthetic.

Many homeowners prefer using aluminum blinds because they suit the modern aesthetic well. With their metallic quality, they easily complement modern home decorations while staying in tandem with minimalism. Furthermore, manufacturers often add a motorization feature on their aluminum blinds, making them easy to adjust. And since they possess water resistance, homeowners can install them on bathroom windows or have them somewhere humid.

Wood is the usual go-to for homeowners for a pleasing blend of warmth and modernity. Although the material is typically fake, they retain the natural charm and allure only found in wood. Moreover, manufacturers offer multiple design options for wood blinds, especially in stains and colors because they're artificially made. However, the only downside is their lack of water resistance.

     4. Choose A Style

Other than materials, there are different styles for window blinds that are open for picking, such as:

     Vertical blinds

     Venetian blinds

     Panel blinds

     Roller blinds

Vertical blinds are much more suitable for large, floor-length windows. Although their mechanism might be frustrating for some, Venetian blinds are most likely what comes to mind when someone mentions window blinds, considering how they’re able to perform the basic purpose of controlling the amount of light received while ensuring privacy for those indoors. Panel blinds are used for completely blocking out light, whereas roller blinds use a straightforward mechanism to filter out some light.

      5. Complement Colors

While noting window sizes and familiarizing their mechanisms are a must, there’s no harm in including color into the mix. After all, maintaining a modern aesthetic puts a damper on picking any color randomly. Modern homeowners often use neutral or soft, unsaturated colors to complement a futuristic look throughout the house.

kitchen windows with blindsimage © Max Vakhtbovych

Depending on your interior design, use colors that balance a room. Offset a light color scheme with dark or saturated decorations. When it comes to patterns, simple geometric shapes are a modern homeowner’s usual go-to. But for those who aren’t fond of shapes, be mindful of avoiding designs that are too intricate. Let minimalism run its course.


Although they’re easily overlooked, window blinds play a valuable role when it comes to insulation and controlling the flow of light. Aside from ensuring indoor home quality, they ensure its residents have complete privacy. However, choosing the right window blinds maximizes these benefits while guaranteeing they complete the modern aesthetic of the house, hence their importance.


Alaina Trelawney has been an interior designer at an architecture company for seven years. Her favorite pastime is tending to her nursery garden. But to help out homeowners confused with indoor decoration, she set up a YouTube channel containing instructional videos for decorating.

By Liliana Alvarez

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