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How Handmade Bricks Add Timeless Beauty to Architectural Design

Written by:
Charlotte William
Esteban Castle

Modern architectural styles and trends are constantly evolving. This may be intimidating for homeowners and builders alike.  Many homeowners seek methods to create a more subdued, sophisticated feel inside their homes. They want to do this by incorporating classic and historic touches to bring character to their spaces.

Modern interior decorators are creating visionary designs with the use of simple handmade bricks to add style to a plain area. They may make use of handmade brick's raw feel and versatility by experimenting with the material's color, surface texture, and form. 

In contemporary design, handmade bricks are the most coveted element because of their durability, adaptability, and aesthetic potential. Modern architecture's best minds have taken use of handmade brick's outstanding properties and many structural applications.

Discussing the many advantages and ways in which handmade bricks can be a top-tier element to bring antique charm to architectural designs, we have created a detailed article below.

Cuckoo House in Hoa Xuan, Vietnam by Tropical Space. Image © Oki Hiroyuki

Unique Advantages of Using Handmade Bricks to Modern Constructions

Here are some of the prime benefits to including handmade bricks to any architectural design.

Adding Personality to Any Space

​​While trying to acquire bricks for renovation or to include in architectural design, the vivid and identical appearance of freshly produced bricks creates a visual discordance, both with the preexisting components of a structure or the aesthetic of adjacent constructions.

Using organically worn handmade bricks from a previous structure is a popular choice in these situations because of its aesthetic value and historical significance. This is a factor that should be kept in consideration before making any financial investments.

Bringing the Old-World Charm

Using handmade bricks is an eco-friendly way to bring a historical look by reducing waste and production energy. These bricks' charm lies in their rustic character, which includes flaws like creases, a coarse texture, and inconsistent patterns.  

Rather than coming across as bright, the construction's ancient appearance is achieved by the use of a variety of mixes, clays, and colors of handmade bricks.

Many Ways for Utilizing Handmade Bricks

There are a variety of ways in which handmade bricks can be used to give a classic look to buildings in this age, as elaborated below.

Creating Statement Styles

A whole new structure, such as a lamp post, accent walls, fireplace, or front-facing walls, may be built using handmade bricks. The majority of the advantages will be aesthetic, giving your home a stylish, timeless appearance. These along with other reclaimed building materials such as reclaimed wood and metal pieces can give an antique look to any interior or exterior space.

Handmade bricks should meet the construction's strength criteria and be durable enough to resist weather-related damage if necessary.

Remodeling Pavements

Handmade bricks, with their aged appearance, may be utilized to lay pavement that is both visually interesting and realistic appearing. When creating landscape walkways to blend with traditional architecture or that complement outdoor elements including sculptures and fences.  Handmade bricks may offer a more appealing aesthetic than options like concrete pavement.

These provide for a safe and comfortable strolling ground. A further advantage of using old handmade bricks is that you don't have to evaluate the individual brick's sturdiness before use.

Modifications and Additions to Architectural Structures

It's not unusual for older imperial houses to need some kind of renovation or extension. This may be readily fixed by replacing the damaged bricks with new ones that have been seasoned to give them a weathered appearance so that they blend in with the rest of the building and are not immediately noticeable. These bricks may also be used to construct an additional wall or an extension to the existing building.

Pablo Dellatorre and Agustina Dematteis (Studio Brava) design Casa Hache 01 in Jesús María, Córdoba, Argentina. Image © Gonzalo Viramonte

Concluding Note

Handmade bricks bring flexibility in offering durability along with adding a statement yet timeless feel to any space. It not only adds personality to modern interior and exterior settings but also adds to the grace of imperial structures. Their sustainable nature makes them the top choice for architectural designers worldwide. We hope this article helped you determine how handmade bricks can add elegance and character to your building or space.

By Liliana Alvarez

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