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How Construction Contractors Can Drive Lean Renovation

Written by:
Sophie Andersen
Joe Zhuang

The concept of lean building has emerged strongly in recent years. It enables builders and owners to achieve more with less. Projects that follow the approach match the quality, timeliness, and budget specifications. There is less wastage, and client satisfaction is imperative. Homeowners look for lean renovation, and contractors need to think outside the box to match their demand. Thankfully, lean construction is easier than you imagine. As a contractor, you only need to tweak your work methodology a bit to align it with the modern mindset. Here are the steps that get you on the right track.

Assess the current state

Going lean with renovation is about identifying your current state and picking the problem areas. It will enable you to focus your attention where it should be and eliminate waste from the project. The approach also curbs the chances of delays and quality failure as you get clear specifications from the client right from the start. So you never have to worry about rework as well.

Start with the end goal in mind

A six sigma mindset for renovation projects keeps the end goal in mind, which often does not happen with the traditional approach. Knowing the objective makes you stick with it, and it is easier to find the best crews and suppliers, pick favorable financing terms, and deliver on quality and time. It takes you a step closer to cultural improvement as you find the ideal team that wins with every construction and renovation project you take later.

Train your workforce

Implementing lean projects is not a one-time job for a contractor. Once you deliver a project successfully, you will expect to embrace the six sigma methodology for good. It makes sense to invest in training and certification for your workforce. Having a six sigma professional handling your projects is a big advantage. They set up your projects for success, and you see the profits growing project after project.

Establish measurement and tracking

Renovation projects can get even more complicated than building from scratch. The biggest challenge is that you have to work selectively on some parts and leave the others aside. Going lean requires you to establish a system for measurement and tracking the tasks on the go. The job becomes less complicated as you can pick mistakes and address them as they happen. You end up saving money and preventing rework by resolving issues on the fly.

Stay disciplined and committed

The final step of lean renovation is to stay disciplined and committed to the approach throughout the project. Strong leadership drives disciple and commitment for your team, so make sure you have a capable professional behind the wheel. Collaborate with suppliers and trades, and communicate with the workers on-site. Keep everyone on the same page, and winning the lean game gets easy.

Lean renovation is about cutting costs and optimizing processes. Follow the principles from start to end, and you will not have to worry about completing the project on time, within budget, and according to quality expectations.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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