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Get Your Garage Door Ready for Winter: Why Hiring a Pro is the Best Option

Written by:
Sujain Thomas

When you think of winter weather, Tampa, Florida, might not be the first location that comes to mind. However, even in milder climates, it's essential to winterize your garage door to ensure its smooth operation and longevity. This blog explores how to prepare a garage door for winter and why you should leave this task to a pro.

Changing the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping is a strip of rubber or other material at the bottom of the garage door. It keeps out rain, pests, and cold air. Over time, the weatherstripping can wear out, and it won't do its job well. A Tampa Handyman can check the weatherstripping and replace it if needed. They will ensure it fits right and stays in place, keeping your garage dry and comfortable.

Cleaning and Oiling Moving Parts

Your garage door has many parts that move. These parts must be well-oiled to work smoothly. But dust and dirt can stick to the oil and cause problems. A professional will clean off all the dirt and put on fresh oil. They know just how much oil to use.

Too much oil can cause more dust to stick, leading to bigger issues. A professional will also know which oil to use, which can make all the difference for the smooth operation of your garage door.

Putting In Insulation

Insulating your garage door keeps heat inside and cold air outside. This keeps your home warm and saves on heating bills. Plus, it makes your garage a nice place to be, even in the colder months. A professional knows just how to add insulation to your garage door. They will ensure it fits well and the door still opens and shuts correctly.

Checking the Door Balance and Springs

Your garage door needs to be balanced to function properly. A professional technician can perform a balance test and adjust your garage door's springs if necessary. This can prevent undue wear and tear on the garage door opener and other components, prolonging the lifespan of your door. An experienced technician can adjust the springs properly, as mishandling them can lead to serious injury.

Making Certain Your Door is Safe

A professional garage door tune-up may also include checking the safety features of your door. This includes assessing and adjusting the auto-reverse sensor, which prevents the garage door from closing on an object or person in its path.

Additionally, a professional technician can identify any potential hazards, ensuring your garage door is safe for you and your family during winter and beyond.

Why Hiring a Professional is Worth It

Here are a few reasons why hiring a local handyman service is a good idea:

They know what they are doing: Professionals have special training to work with garage doors. They know how to spot and fix any issues.

They keep things safe: Working on garage doors can be dangerous. Professionals have the right tools and know how to work safely.

They save you time and money: A professional can do the job quickly and right. This saves you time. Also, catching small problems early can save you money in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Winterizing your garage door in Tampa is a smart move. It keeps your door working well and keeps your home comfortable, warm, and safe. So, for peace of mind this winter, hire a pro to get your garage door ready for the cooler months.

By Liliana Alvarez

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