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Everything You Need to Know About Going Solar 

Written by:
Allen Brown
Ulrike Leone (cover image), Charlie Wilde

Utilizing solar and other alternative energies is an unavoidable reality. Humanity cannot thrive on fossil fuels forever due to their inherently limited nature and the fact that they are the major cause of greenhouse gas emissions.

However, it's not advisable to just jump right in without first doing some research into the most effective and essential components that create a great solar installation.

Consider Your Options

The first thing to consider is which basic setup you'd like to go with. There are a few different options that you really should consider before making a final decision. These options provide you a unique range of abilities that may be necessary to suit your particular needs.

These options include having a battery storage system, whether or not to include a smart meter, which light capture technology you would like to employ, and which auxiliary systems you need to live your lifestyle.

There are many places where you can find more information online about these concerns. Be sure to check out https://windmar.com/fl/how-it-works/#how-it-works to find out more professional-quality information about your solar installation. Having a thorough

understanding of what you need and what is possible will greatly improve your outcome when designing and installing a new solar system.

Smart Meters For Smart Homeowners

Smart meters are all the rage with modern solar panel installations for a few different reasons. A smart meter allows homeowners to stay on the grid and either draw electricity from the power company or feed it back to the power company in times of excess production. 

This means that your meter can run both forward and backward. Whenever the sunlight is inadequate, you can use the power company’s electricity just like everyone else. However, whenever you're production is more than your needs and your optional batteries are fully charged, you can turn the meter backward and feed your excess production into the grid for use by the company and the greater population. This means that your energy production helps the environment and relieves the burden of centralized energy production. 

You will also receive energy credits which can be applied to future energy use in downtimes or can even be exchanged for currency depending on the location. This can help you pay off the cost of the installation as well. 

Optional Battery Offers Functionality

Batteries are an optional feature in modern solar panel installations. The major benefit to having a battery array installed with your panel installation is that you will use your excess energy production to charge the batteries. You can later draw on it during times of low production.

A smart meter provides the ability to feed into and pull from the grid as needed. In the instance that the grid goes down, a battery array allows you to function normally. This provides you with a sense of independence that the smart meter alone cannot provide.

Emerging Technology

There are many other emerging technologies in the field of solar panel installation. The most intriguing technologies are the ones that function both as photovoltaic cells and as ordinary features of the house. 

These new EV home components allow you to obtain a higher level of coverage and more efficient use of your exterior surface area without drastically modifying the look or feel of your home. That's because this technology doubles as shingles, siding, or exterior moldings. 

solar panels installed on the roof of the house image © Charlie Wilde

Other Essential Components

There are a few other essential components that you might want to become familiar with. These are the other functional components that are required to make your system work. They include both traditional panels, which will be the meat and potatoes of your electro voltaic system, and micro-inverters

Talk To A Installer Before Settling On A Plan

Whatever you do, make sure that you consult with a professional before committing to any design. Most installers offer a free walkthrough of the property and your installation design may be included free of charge depending on which installer you choose. This aspect of solar panel installation is essential. If not properly designed, it's likely that you won't get the functionality from your system that you need and paid for.

Professional installers know what they're doing and they have a fine understanding of what is and is not capable. That means if you tell them your needs and desires for your solar panel installation, they will be able to inform you of the possibility and help you reach the highest level of capability possible with the technology available today.

Whatever you decide, you are much more likely to achieve the outcome that you desire with a bit of knowledge and research under your belt before you dive right in. So make sure to carefully consider the things mentioned in this article and do a bit more research following the links posted here. If you know a bit about what you're talking about, you won't look green behind the ears whenever you pick up the phone and call your preferred installer. That means not only will you gain their respect, but also you'll be more likely to purchase the right materials and save money in the process.

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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