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Discover the Secrets to Unique Interior Designs

Written by:
Tomasz Rezik

With the rise in renovation projects (both commercial and residential), interior designers are more coveted than ever. This increased demand has prompted designers to search for tools and resources that help make their day-to-day easier and more seamless. With platforms such as Cosentino’s C.Top Design, design pros have access to a wide array of services, inspiration, and support, which leads to significant time savings. Best of all? Everything is integrated into a single, easy to use platform. In this article, we will dive deep into how interior designers can optimize the use of professional platforms such as C.Top Design. Let’s dive in!

How can a designer benefit from using design software?

Even the most experienced interior designer can benefit from specialized software and online tools. These resources translate into significant amounts of time and money saved and allow the designer to increase productivity and focus on the creative aspects of the work.

Using platforms for professionals can be a source of inspiration as well. Just take a look at CTOP Design, a platform created just for interior designers with practical tools and resources as well as real life inspiration for all kinds of surfacing applications such as cladding, flooring, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Joining this global community gives designers access to personalized support, exhibits, round tables, and live cooking demos, to name a few.

What does C.Top offer professionals?

Through C.Top, designers receive exclusive access to a range of visualization software that allows them to show their clients what the project will look like in reality. Thanks to the online visualizer, C.Top Visualizer, and 3D Visualizers, the process of design creation couldn’t be easier.

Time is money, which is why C.Top prioritizes tools to make projects run smoothly, efficiently, and on time. The platform offers its users BIM files and HD textures and images to work with, significantly improving the projects and saving time for future projects.

A project involves many moving parts, which can easily get complicated. That is exactly why C.Top creates an omnichannel platform where designers can have all the information, data, technical documents, inspiration, and more in one digital space without the need to store everything on a separate flash drive.

If all of these features are not enough to convince the designers to try C·Top, maybe the opportunity of taking part in a multitude of talks, conferences, presentations, seminars, and live cooking demos will, all of them aiming at the improvement of networking and the development of new skills.

Why should designers use the C.Top platform?

Designers should not underestimate the opportunities that the C-Top platform can offer them, influencing their productivity and providing them with inspiration and new abilities.

Apart from the previously mentioned automation of tasks and the possibility of storing all data and files in one digital space, there are a few more important tasks possible to complete.

When the project is ready, another step is to buy products for its creation, which may take a long time. The situation is quite different with C·Top e-commerce, which offers the best quality, standard, or customised products. The samples that can be ordered are delivered within 48 hours, making it possible for clients to touch the materials used for the projects.

By Liliana Alvarez

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