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Acoustic booths in an open-plan office - ideal for work that requires concentration

Written by:
Karolina Polewka

Modern offices often take the form of an open space. While this layout has benefits, such as maximizing the use of space and improving interactions among employees, it can also make it difficult to focus when performing more demanding tasks. Today's work requires numerous videoconferences and phone calls, and the noise generated by people and various devices leads to unnecessary stress and reduced productivity. It is for this reason that many companies are beginning to look for solutions to help them create optimal conditions for their employees. One of them is the Hushoffice acoustic booth for one-person or team work. Check out how pods help provide a private and peaceful work space.

Changing workspace to lifespace – a new trend in office design

Lifespace is a new trend in office space design that aims to create a more people-friendly place. The concept was developed in response to the growing demands of employees who expect more from their workplace than just a desk and chair. Instead of a homogeneous space, lifespace offers multiple zones in which to perform different tasks. In an office designed in this way, there are places for group work, individual work in silence, for relaxation and rest, and for holding meetings with clients. In addition, the concept promotes a sustainable approach to interior design, which includes the use of eco-friendly materials, optimizing energy consumption and maximizing spatial efficiency. Introducing such solutions into the arrangement of corporate spaces is becoming increasingly popular, as it brings many benefits for both employees and the environment.

Zoning the office with acoustic booths

Modern offices should be dynamic and ready to rearrange the space at any time. Acoustic booths are great for dividing an office into zones. In such an environment, it is important to provide employees with adequate privacy and effective noise protection. Acoustic booths reflect and absorb sound, thanks to their layered structure. The use of office booths of different sizes, allows smaller zones to be separated from the open space for phone calls, videoconferences and other activities that require concentration. This positively affects the comfort and efficiency of work. Inside the booths there are accessories such as electrical outlets and tables, ensuring that tasks can be performed more conveniently and efficiently. 


Phone booth – a must-have in open offices?

The most important problem associated with an open space office is the lack of privacy. Making confidential phone calls can be cumbersome in such an environment. In addition, the noise makes it difficult to focus on a conversation with a client or colleague. The hushPhone phone booth provides a solution to these obstacles. Of course, it is not a classic booth with a book containing numbers from a dozen years ago. We are talking about a modern and aesthetically pleasing acoustic booth. Placed close to traditional desks, it allows you to move quickly if necessary and conduct a conversation in a private space without disturbing others in the office. 

Acoustic booths for work requiring high concentration 

Hushoffice single-person acoustic booths such as hushHybrid with an area of less than one square meter, like telephone booths, should be set up in an open space. This way, any person who needs to concentrate on a demanding task at the moment will have easy access to them. They are made to guarantee the best possible acoustic conditions, allowing you to focus and perform tasks efficiently. The booth's interior was designed with an ergonomic approach to computer work in mind, and the equipment includes all the necessary features, such as an adjustable desk, LED lighting, efficient ventilation, and electrical or USB outlets. This allows users to have their own piece of office space for comfort and privacy while working.


Additional space for meetings and teamwork

The large hushAccess.L acoustic booth allows you to have a quiet and private place to work together, conduct training or recruitment meetings or other confidential conversations. It works in the same way as the hushPhone or hushHybrid. It provides effective sound insulation through upholstery and its tempered glass double glazing, covered with acoustic film. It is designed for a larger number of users, and there is also an option to hang the TV on the central column. The booth can serve as a conference room. Depending on your needs, the structure can be expanded to accommodate more people.

By Liliana Alvarez

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