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A third of people have switched hotel rooms due to ‘bad air’

Written by:
Sasha Kaunas

Improved air quality cited as the next wellbeing trend in the luxury hospitality experience.

 - 74% of hotel guests say poor heating, ventilation and air conditioning would stop them from staying in a hotel again. 

 - Almost half of fine diners have switched tables, and 1 in 3 have had a meal ‘ruined’ due to discomfort caused by air conditioning or ventilation.

 - Almost 50% of respondents also said they would consider paying a premium or upgrading their allocated room for improved air quality during a hotel stay.

 - 73% of high-end hotel and restaurant guests believe ventilation and air conditioning should go unnoticed within luxury hotels and restaurants.

New research has uncovered the significant influence of air conditioning and ventilation on top-tier hospitality experiences, emphasising the vital role of air as a wellness trend gaining traction within the industry.

The study of over 2000 people, commissioned by MAPUK, sheds light on the critical role HVAC plays in guest satisfaction and loyalty within the hospitality industry. According to the research, poor air distribution and ventilation are likely to deter 3 in 4 guests from returning to a hotel or restaurant.

Following the pandemic, and amid a growing awareness of the importance of indoor air quality, luxury hotels and restaurants are reported to be facing a new imperative: integrating superior air standards seamlessly into their interiors. However, according to the research, 1 in 3 fine diners have meals disrupted and 55% of luxury hotel guests report sleep disturbances due to noisy air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Interestingly, nearly half are willing to pay more for improved air ventilation or conditioning during their stay, highlighting the importance of prioritising air distribution for a premium guest experience. 45% of guests have seen improved air quality for health and wellbeing already embraced within high-end establishments to provide a premium experience.

When considering the impact of HVAC solutions on a guest’s first impressions of a space, 73% of high-end hotel and restaurant guests believe ventilation and air conditioning should go unnoticed within luxury hotels and restaurants, to create a premium aesthetic that mirrors the expectations of their high-end experience.

Commenting on the survey results, Barry Hobday, Managing Director at MAPUK said, "In 2024, effective HVAC solutions have become an imperative - it plays a vital role in our health, well-being and overall comfort within any building. Balancing the best possible HVAC environment with sustainability, style and comfort is becoming paramount, with commercial success depending on its effective implementation.”

“Luxury hotels and restaurants are experiencing a notable uptick in demands for ventilation solutions that deliver on wellbeing. This trend not only redefines the guest experience but also aligns with the  preferences of visitors, who are now well aware of the benefits of air quality, and expect their wellbeing to be catered for during any luxury stay."

“Establishments that invest in cutting-edge ventilation technologies that integrate harmoniously with their interior design, are poised to lead the industry, offering guests unparalleled comfort and wellbeing during their visit.”

For more information about Motorised Air Products Ltd (MAPUK) and their range of HVAC solutions, please visit www.mapuk.com.

About Motorised Air Products Ltd (MAPUK):

MAPUK is a leading provider of innovative HVAC solutions in the UK, committed to delivering high-performing products that enhance indoor comfort and air quality.

By Liliana Alvarez

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