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A Guide to Matching Shutters to Different Home Architectural Styles

Written by:
Chiyako Ikeda

Window coverings play a crucial role in shaping a home's atmosphere and functionality.

Window treatments provide privacy and control light while significantly influencing your home’s overall aesthetic. They can amplify various architectural features, establish a mood, and enhance the interior design.

The right window coverings can also serve as a design focal point, seamlessly blending with the home's style or making a bold statement. Moreover, window coverings contribute to energy efficiency, regulating temperatures and reducing utility costs.

Among the different window treatment options, roller and plantation shutters offer versatility that fits seamlessly with your home’s architecture. They are energy-efficient, durable, easy to maintain and clean. These options provide excellent light control and enhance privacy as well.

The various materials and styles of window shutters ensure you can easily find one that complements your home’s architectural design and makes your property more appealing.

Choosing the Right Shutters for Your Home

To achieve a harmonious look, you need to select shutters that complement your home's architectural style.

Below is a guide to help you choose shutters that match and enhance your home’s architectural design:

1.    Victorian

Victorian architecture pertains to architectural styles that emerged between 1840 and 1901 during Queen Victoria’s reign in Great Britain.

Victorian houses are known for their ornate detailing, asymmetrical designs and decorative elements. These residences also often feature large bay windows to let more natural light in and to allow residents to have a better view of the outdoors.

Plantation shutters are excellent options for Victorian-style homes since they cover windows while providing adequate privacy. They also allow natural light to enter rooms and keep them bright.

These window coverings also contribute to the opulence that defines this architectural style.

2.    Colonial

Colonial-style homes, which are inspired by early American architecture, typically feature a simple, traditional design with plain exteriors that have minimal adornments. These homes are usually symmetrical and have rectangular sash and dormer windows.

Classic louvred shutters are the perfect accompaniment for rectangular windows. Their horizontal slats and simple, clean design mirror the symmetry of colonial homes.

Wood or vinyl louvred shutters in white, black, and muted earth tones give colonial homes authenticity. They also add a touch of elegance and historical charm to residential properties, making them the perfect choice for this architectural style.

3.    Modern

Modern architecture emphasises clean lines, minimalist design, open layouts and a sense of airiness, which means they often have large windows.

Many modern-style homes with large windows feature fixed panel shutters. However, plantation shutters with clean lines and a sleek, minimalist look make them ideal window treatments for modern homes.

White plantation shutters are always an excellent choice. They are clean and elegant, perfectly complementing the airy and uncluttered layout of most modern homes. White plantation shutters won’t overshadow your furniture and other decorations, making them the perfect features for homes with a modern architectural style.

4.    Contemporary

Although contemporary homes share similarities with modern-style properties, including open spaces, large windows and minimal decorations, they are still unique since they feature free-form composition and are inspired by different architectural styles.

Contemporary-style architecture also combines elements of modernism and minimalism, allowing for more freedom and versatility, giving homeowners more liberty in terms of designing and decorating them.

Plantation shutters feature clean lines and timeless elegance that seamlessly integrate with contemporary aesthetics. Their sleek, unobtrusive design complements minimalist interiors, while their different finishes and colours allow for easy personalisation.

Because of this, they are the perfect window solutions for homes with contemporary-style architecture.

The adjustable louvres of plantation shutters also provide precise control over light and privacy, enhancing the functionality of each room.

5.    Cottage

Cottage-style homes are quaint and charming, usually characterised by cosy, welcoming aesthetics.

Traditional shutters are perfect for cottage-style residences since they are functional and elegant yet whimsical. These window treatments enhance this type of architectural and interior design without making the décor feel dated.

Traditional shutters in cream, light yellow, pale blue and other pastel colours are excellent options since they create a warm and welcoming ambience in homes, thereby maintaining that comfy and inviting cottage-style feel.

6.    Mediterranean

Mediterranean-style homes often feature stucco exteriors, arched doorways, tile or marble flooring, and wood or wrought iron accents. This type of architectural style is popular in waterfront areas and places with warm weather conditions.

To complement the warm and inviting ambience of a Mediterranean-style home, consider choosing Bahama or Bermuda shutters, which have a tropical and coastal vibe.

Another option is louvre-style shutters, which add a touch of exotic charm to your home.

Whether you opt for Bahama or louvre-style shutters, go for a bold blue, green, yellow or any hue that contrasts with the colours of your interior to make your home stand out and look more appealing.

Your choice of shutters for your home should align with its architectural style to create a cohesive and visually appealing exterior. By selecting the right shutters, you can elevate your home's look and curb appeal while staying true to its architectural character.

By Liliana Alvarez

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