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A Beginner's Guide to Apartment Renovation

Written by:
Chris Jackson
Max Vakhtbovych

If you have been living in your apartment for a very long time, you might have noticed several parts that look like they're already falling apart. That's a clear sign that you need to do something about it because it will change the apartment's atmosphere. You have to keep everything within the apartment looking excellent, and you can do that through renovation. 

You need to know that it's not easy renovating an apartment, especially if you have a large one. People new to renovating apartments always have trouble deciding which styles they want or how much they need to change. Fortunately, you can find several tips that experts use all the time to renovate your apartment the right way. 

     1. Create a list of what you want to renovate

The first step with any renovation is to list out everything you want to renovate. It's the most crucial part you have to do during the renovation process because it will help with the other aspects of the apartment renovations, such as the costs, materials, and the number of contractors you need for the job. 

It's best to focus on each apartment section, including the flooring, walls, ceilings, etc., to create a well-made list. You also have to organize the things that you listed to ensure that you and the renovation contractor won't get confused on which parts you want to renovate in order. The better you create your list, the better the outcome of the apartment renovation. You can even include your contractor while you're listing out the sections you want to renovate. 

And once you finish creating the list of things you want to renovate within your apartment, don't forget to list it out in an organized manner. Your contractors won't get the job done if they don't have a well-made renovation list. They don't have time to organize everything on the list, especially if you want them to finish renovating your apartment as quickly as possible. 

In case the renovation takes longer than expected, you will need to rent an apartment that can be near or further away from yours and you will automatically need moving services to help with packing and other steps of the moving process.

     2. Communicate with your renovation contractor

Before any apartment renovation happens, you need to talk with your subcontractors, including the plumber and electrician, about what you want to happen during the renovation. You can create another list of tasks they need to do to complete the renovation. However, you may need help by hiring a person who can help give out the renovation tasks to ensure nothing goes wrong. 

You can also tell them when they will work because you might need the entire apartment to yourself or you're not around to facilitate them. Lastly, you have to let the subcontractors talk with each other so that the renovation job will go smoothly. An example is when a contractor is fixing the drywall, but they need to leave a space open for the electricians to work on the electrical wires. But if the contractor tasked to install the drywall walls finished everything, the electrician will have no choice but to damage or remove the drywall, which will need expenses and time to complete.

Suppose you want to avoid damaging your walls for the electrician or any technician to gain access to its other side. In that case, you can install adjustable and removable access doors. You can even install them while the other subcontractors work if you need additional work done in areas that contractors can't access easily. 

     3. Make an extremely detailed sublist

While you're creating the list of renovation tasks, ensure that you write down the specifics, especially if the contractors have multiple functions that they need to do in order. You can include the material's prices, sizes, variants, and other specific things to finish the apartment renovation.

You might find it hard doing a very detailed sublist. Still, you have the option to get in touch with a professional that can help you determine what you need, find the specific materials, and the tasks the subcontractors need to fulfill. Ensure that you create the list to lower the chances of mistakes or misunderstandings during the entire renovation work. 

     4. Finalize everything

The final step to apartment renovation is to finalize everything that's on your renovation list. You can contact all of your workers and discuss with them the plans so that you can expect a smooth apartment renovation process. Check on how they're doing throughout the process rather than waiting until they finish the renovation job so you can address any issues right away.

There are many apartment styles you can get inspiration from in home improvement magazines or on the internet. It's up to your discretion on how you want the results to turn out, but you can never achieve desired results without precise planning. 

By Naser Nader Ibrahim

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