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9 Reasons Your Home Design Project Should Use Aluminum Windows

Written by:
Shawn Rollins
Sieger (cover image), Jeremy Phillips

Most people overlook windows when building their homes. However, windows can enhance or destroy the function and appearance of your home. They tend to complete your home’s aesthetics and offer a smooth link between the cozy interiors and beautiful outdoors.

You have many options to choose from when deciding on the materials for constructing your windows, like iron, steel, wood, or aluminum. However, most homeowners are now gradually opting for aluminum frame windows.

But you might be asking why aluminum has recently gained enormous popularity. The outline below highlights the reasons your home design project should use aluminum windows:

     1. Strong

Aluminum windows have a high strength-to-weight ratio that can prevent them from damaging even under a purposeful mechanical force. Aluminum is lightweight despite its high tensile strength, providing the best design personalization, seclusion, and ergonomics. Companies such as Window Factory have quality Aluminium joinery, glass windows, and doors that are strong enough to serve your needs.

     2. Durable

Aluminum windows can withstand most harsh conditions since they’re not easily affected by wear and tear, corrosion, external pressure, or moisture. Aluminum’s sturdy construction makes your windows long-lasting and can maintain their brand-new nature for many years. The moisture-resistant feature of aluminum ensures that steam or direct water sprinkles don’t negatively affect your windows.

Aluminum window frames also have a visceral mechanism, allowing them to tolerate impact, bacteria, mold, UV radiation, and dampness.

     3. Allows For Noise Cancellation

Your home is where you can relax after a hectic day at the office or running errands. However, it can be difficult to wind down with street noises that might be coming in through your windows. Instead, it would help if you found innovative ways to soundproof your home.

Fortunately, aluminum frames have acoustic insulation capabilities, allowing for minimal environmental impacts. Therefore, with aluminum windows, you can keep the street noise out of your home and enjoy a more comfortable living environment.

     4. Easy To Maintain

You might have a lot to deal with especially in today’s world, leaving you with little time for maintaining your home, including your windows. Windows need regular cleaning, repairs, and scratch prevention. One advantage of aluminum frame windows is that they’re typically maintenance-free.

For instance, knowing how to clean aluminum window frames is easy. You can dip a clean, wet cloth in a window cleaning solution, wipe your windows, then wipe with a dry cloth to retain their shine. Hence, aluminum windows require minimal maintenance effort.

     5. Easily Forms Alloys

Most people alloy aluminum with other elements to enhance its physical characteristics. For instance, you can increase aluminum’s strength by alloying it with manganese. You can also easily alloy it with copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, or iron to improve its properties.

Therefore, you can enhance the appeal of your home by including aluminum alloys for your windows, making them heat-treatable, versatile, highly formable, and weldable.

dining area with skylight

image © Jeremy Phillips

     6. Help Conserve Energy

More homeowners are now becoming aware about making their homes eco-friendly to reduce their energy bills. Having aluminum windows for your home can help you conserve energy.

For example, you can combine aluminum frames with heat-reflective glasses to allow natural light into the space while simultaneously blocking unnecessary heat, thus lowering your energy usage and bills in the long run.

Moreover, modern aluminum windows include thermal break technology that helps them maintain appropriate temperatures in your home all year round.

     7. Highly Malleable

Aluminum is highly malleable, meaning you can easily shape it to get your specific design. Therefore, aluminum allows you to come up with unique window designs, from sleek sliding windows to majestic French windows.

Aluminum’s robust structure allows you to complete your project’s infrastructure without being limited by the window’s proportions. Moreover, aluminum doesn’t lose its durability and strength when you beat it into thin sheets.

     8. Recyclable

Aluminum is an environmentally friendly material and is easy to recycle. Recycled aluminum has an identical quality to that of virgin aluminum. Therefore, it’s possible to recycle aluminum numerous times without losing its overall quality.

Moreover, you only require low amounts of energy to recycle aluminum, ultimately reducing your carbon footprint. And because of its unique recyclability, there won’t be any waste if you decide to renovate.

     9. Enhances Your Home’s Aesthetics

You can enhance your home’s aesthetics by using aluminum, adding more life and a contemporary elegance with its design. Moreover, you can find them in different shapes, colors, and sizes, with the slim, sturdy design allowing for limitless customizations. Combining floor-to-ceiling aluminum windows with glass can create an unusual twist of beauty and modern ingenuity.

Moreover, aluminum frame windows are not painted but powder-coated. Therefore, you won’t have to repaint them as they can maintain their luster for many years.

Take Away

Windows are essential in enhancing the aesthetics of your home. You have various materials to choose from like iron, steel, wood, or plastic for your windows. However, aluminum may be the best option because it’s strong, durable, highly malleable, resistant to external impacts, and allows for easy customization. The guide above can give you reasons why your home design project should use aluminum windows.

Author Bio

Shawn Rollins is a professional welder. He has been in the industry for eight years, and he shares his skills and knowledge through webinars and blogs. During his free time, Shawn enjoys camping, boating, and fishing.

By Liliana Alvarez

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