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7 Most Beautiful Flower Choices For Indoor & Outdoor Décor

Written by:
Allen Brown

When thinking about home décor, the first things that come to mind are repainting, redesigning, changing up the furniture, and adding architectural elements. But flowers are usually not a part of this long list of things. Sure, everybody wants a plant in their home, but no one thinks about adding peonies to their backyard or having a stunning arrangement of roses on your kitchen counter. 

Flowers must be a fundamental part of your home’s décor. There are many advantages to having flowers as indoor and outdoor décor features for your home, from brightening the space to adding elements of freshness. From the multitude of flower options you can choose from, we’ve picked out 7 flowers perfect for indoor and outdoor home décor.

They’re Perfect for Home Décor

     1. Add Natural Color

Flowers are a wonderful way to add natural color to your home. Their blossoms in all shades and hues can brighten any dull space. You can get really creative with your flower arrangements and pick out ones that flow with your home’s décor theme. Flowers with vibrant colors, such as roses, create an energetic ambiance and add a special touch to your chic home. They help create fresh and relaxed spaces that bring in elements of the natural world into your home.

     2. Add Natural Aroma

Flowers along with making your home look vibrant, add a subtle, pleasant smell. The refreshing scent of the flowers wafts through the air without being too obvious. Underlying hints of rose and peonies can do wonders for your home. Every time you step into your home, you’ll be greeted with a warm and crisp smell that engulfs you and transports you to an imaginary garden paradise. Good and welcoming scents keep your senses alive and help elevate your mood.

     3. Make the Place Bright

No matter how bright and spacious your home may be, nothing can brighten the place up like how a pot of flowers can. There are flowers that go with all sorts of stylistic themes and when placed in the correct spot, can be a fantastic addition to your home.

     4. Budget-Friendly

If you’re looking to decorate your home and wish to add fresh elements that lighten up the space within a budget, then flowers are your best option. Flowers come in a range of prices, and minimal maintenance ones don’t cost much to look after. You can grow them directly from seeds in your garden spaces and it will barely cost you anything.

     5. Fun Hobby

Gardening and making flower arrangements can be a fun and easy hobby that everyone can pick up. You don’t need to have expert knowledge of flowers to begin flower gardening or growing them in your home. While buying them from stores is convenient, it is incomparable to the fun of taking care of them as they bloom into beautiful flowers. Beginners can start with simple plants to grow, such as peonies, and as you gain more experience, you’ll find yourself taking care of an entire rose garden. This is always a great group activity you can do with your friends and family. And why stop at flowers, and grow your own mini vegetable patch.

Indoor Plants

There are a wide variety of indoor plants you can grow. The ones we have recommended are easy to maintain and don’t require constant monitoring. These flowers will all add a unique touch to your home.

     1. Pink Anthurium

Pink Anthuriums are a wonderful addition to your homes. The heart-shaped flowers come in a range of colors, from red and white to pink and purple. They are the perfect indoor plant to grow since they bloom year-round and don’t require extensive monitoring. While they look beautiful, they are poisonous, so parents and pet owners should make sure they aren’t accidentally ingested.

Pink anthurium thrives in human conditions with indirect sunlight. You can place your potted plants in a bathroom near a window, where they get enough sunlight and the steam from showers keeps the place humid. If you have multiple tropical plants, consider placing them in one room with a humidifier running to keep the air humid. You can also create a terrarium with other small tropical plants because that helps maintain a humid system.

Your plant should receive sufficient indirect sunlight. Keeping it under direct sunlight can damage the leaves. Optimum temperatures for the growth of these plants are from 65 to 85 degrees. Along with the air, the soil in which you plant it should be moist, so watering regularly is essential.

     2. Amaryllis

Amaryllis are magnificent flowers that come from bulbs sown in the fall. This plant can brighten any space and is especially useful for dialing down the dull during cold winters. The flower stalk right above the strappy foliage can extend up to 2 feet high. The flowers at the end are huge and come in various shades of pink, white, orange, and red. There are many striped varieties available too.

These plants require a lot of sunlight to grow. So, if you’re growing them indoors, make sure to place them in a sunny bright spot. If they don’t receive sufficient sunlight, they might flop over. They also need moist soil to grow in. The flowers bloom about 6 weeks after planting and remain intact for a month or two. You can get them to rebloom next year. To do so, save the bulb and leave the foliage as it is. Remove the dried flower stalk and place it in the shade. During late summer when the bulbs go dormant, cut off the foliage and wait till winter for the flowers to bloom again.

     3. Peace Lily

Peace lilies are perfect for creating a warm and tropical ambiance in your home. The plant has striking spoon-shaped white flowers contrasting its dark shiny green leaves which make them a must-have in your home. The name peace lily references the resemblance of its white flowers to the white flag of peace. The lilies are tropical perennials, which means that if they are grown in the right conditions and taken good care of, they will live for years. The flowers will also bloom multiple times a year. The 1 to 4 feet tall plants are a great addition to a home office space or a family room. The plants grow best in mildly moist soil and don’t require a lot of light but are sensitive to cold temperatures. These plants can also cause an allergic reaction when ingested, so keep them away from kids and pets, even though they are stunning.

Outdoor plants

There are no limitations to what you can grow in your outdoor gardens. Trees, shrubs, vegetables, and flowers, the list is endless. The ones we have for you are relatively easy to grow and will make your garden stand out.

     1. Roses

Roses are essential for every outdoor garden. As one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs, they add a sophisticated touch to your outdoor spaces and complement other flowering plants as well. It might seem intimidating to grow roses at first but is fairly easy for beginners to try out. With the proper planting and care, almost anybody grows a shrub of vibrant roses. 

Roses require sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, so plant them in a place that receives plenty of sunlight. They also need well-drained and mildly moist soil for optimum growth. It is recommended to plant dormant roses in early spring and potted plants can be grown any time between spring and fall, but preferably in spring. Watering is something you have to be persistent with. Rose bushes require at least an inch of water every week during their growing season. 

More than overhead watering, it is better to water them at the roots since wet foliage can develop diseases. You also have to prune rose bushes once the buds appear in spring. To do so, make cuts of about one-fourth inches above the bud and prune out any unhealthy branches. With proper care, you will soon expect to see beautiful blossoms that add a magical touch to your garden.

     2. Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are an oriental hybrid cross between Lilium auratum and Lilium speciosum. Stargazer lilies are what can be considered the definition of floral perfection. This beautiful hybrid was developed 45 years ago with the intent of creating a lily that had up-ward-facing flowers. So that is where its name comes from; the magnificent night sky being gazed upon by an equally stunning flower. The flower comes in a mix of hues of pink with vibrant speckles dotting its petals. 

One plant produces a sheer number of blooms, making it one of the best-cut flowers. The large showy flowers are eye-captivating and make it best for planting outdoors. The stargazer lily is a bulbous perennial that is easy to care for. It grows best in full sunlight and thrives in most well-drained soil types. The bulbs are usually planted during early spring or fall and grow year-round because of their perennial nature. Since the bulbs are large, they need to be planted deep but don’t require any stalking. The plants can get up to 4 feet tall and are best for planting in the middle or back rows of gardens.

     3. Peonies

The perfect touch to transform your garden into a flower paradise is to add lovely peonies to it. These beautiful perennials take full bloom during summer when the spring bulbs flowers are fading out. The flower clusters produced by peonies come in multiple shades and hues of all sorts of colors. Peonies are very easy to grow and are best for new gardeners to grow in their backyards. They are also animal resistant, which means that you won’t find random animals making a snack out of your sweet peonies. Peonies grow best in well-drained but slightly moist soil. 

To plant peonies, you will have to transfer them from their container to ground soil. To do so, dig a moderately deep hole, remove the plants from their pots and place them in the hole such that the top of the root ball is in level with the soil. If you dig any deeper, the peonies may not bloom. When you plant the peonies, make sure you water them thoroughly and then once again when the foliage starts to grow in spring. Water them again when you notice flower buds emerging. When they have fully grown, you don’t need to water them constantly, just during dry periods after the initial planting.

     4. Hydrangeas

Your outdoor garden is not just a garden without any hydrangeas in it, they are called the Florist’s hydrangea after all. From bigleaf to oakleaf there are many different types of hydrangeas, and each one produces extravagant clusters of colorful flowers in all shades and hues. 

We recommend you grow French hydrangeas because not only are they stunning but are also easy to take care of. The plants, which are native to Japan, are bushy and pale with bright green leaves and bouts of complimentary flowers. They are best for growing in darker areas since hydrangeas thrive in shade. It also needs to be grown in a sheltered space away from dry winds that can damage the plants. 

They need well-drained and moist soils as well as partial sunlight. Too much can dry out the plant. The fall and spring are the best times to plant hydrangeas so that they get enough time to lay down a healthy root system that can withstand the harsh heat of summer and cold of winter. If you want a bright and beautiful garden, then hydrangeas are a must.


Do not be intimidated by the idea of having to take care of flowers. It is a fairly easy thing to do when equipped with the right knowledge and tools. A well-decorated home always has flowers in it, and the reasons for incorporating them into your home are plenty. The 7 plants we’ve chosen for you are perfect for adding to your home. Not only do they produce stunning flowers in a variety of vibrant colors, but they are simple to maintain. 

So, waste no time in heading to the nearest florist and picking out the flower of your choice, and keep the recommendations we’ve given in mind.

By Liliana Alvarez

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