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6 Design Tips for a Casino Interior

Written by:
Catherine Park
I-5 Design Build

Large modern casinos use a lot of resources to create their interior designs. This is because specific design elements impact the players’ behavior. When applied correctly, a casino interior design, including proper layout, modern style, good lighting, and pleasant scents, can make players spend more time playing, resulting in more income.

During your casino interior design planning, consider safety and security by focusing on guest and staff exits and entrances, fire exits, surveillance camera locations, and a safety and evacuation plan. You should also consider operation efficiency, customer convenience, and aesthetics. This article outlines six design tips for casino interiors.

     1. Partner with an interior designer

Casino interior designers from reputable organizations such as I-5 Design Build have the technical knowledge, creativity, and industrial and professional skill in architecture, building, space, and human lifestyle to ensure sophisticated and unique designs for your business.

Thanks to their experience, practice, and expertise, a casino interior designer can give you the exact look and design you wish to have. They can also advise you and recommend the techniques that work well for your gambling business. Consider working with a casino interior designer with offsite construction strategies to reduce team and guest disruptions.

     2. Consider the games to add

Upon determining the amount of space you have, decide on the types of casino games to add to your gaming space. The available space helps you ascertain your limitations and the games and furniture you can add to the casino. Live casinos, such as the online ones, poker tables, and slot machines, should be added as they're crucial in a casino. You can create a classy and elegant casino space using a roulette table as a centerpiece.

     3. Use fine furnishings

Casino furniture is meant to keep your players relaxed for extended periods and should be as comfortable as the ones at home. Add visually appealing furniture to persuade gamers to keep unwinding with refreshments as they wait to move on to the next game. Designer couches, settees, and lounges are ideal for land-based casinos. Visitors and gamers will appreciate the luxurious furniture with hefty price tags, making them invest vast sums of money in your business.

     4. Add a bar

While different casinos have differences in the interior décor they incorporate and the games they offer, almost all have bars. With a roulette table as a centerpiece, you can DIY the bar or install a pre-built one. You may also consider repurposing a slot machine to use as a drinks cabinet.

     5. Consider music

Various kinds of music make a land-based casino ambiance. Fast-tempo casino music is usually for celebrations and may be used to ensure guests are excited by the energetic sounds. You can also feature live music by local or famous bands to attract new visitors and low-tempo music to create gentle, subtle feelings in the gamers.

     6. Light up the casino

Casino lighting creates warm, inviting environments to make your guests want to stay. Lighting is vital in setting moods and determining people's spending habits, so find the right lighting for your casino. To determine the lighting solution ideal for your casino, consider the ceiling height.


Casino interior design is key to the success of your gambling business. Use these design tips for your casino interior. 

By Liliana Alvarez

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