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5 Different Materials Used in Construction

Written by:
Kristina Lozanova
Lorena Darquea (cover image)

Whether you’re building a house, industrial property, or any manmade structure, you need to consider the type of material being used. The most common types of material are bricks, metals, aggregates, clay, and concrete, but there are many more options to choose from. Your choice will come down to cost-effectiveness, ease of access, and purpose. While exploring the versatility and durability of materials like concrete in construction, it's crucial to partner with experienced professionals for your project. Whether you're planning a driveway, patio, or walkway, finding the right paver contractors can ensure a successful and lasting installation." The manufacturing of construction products is an enormous industry that’s typically divided into trades including insulation work, roofing, plumbing, and carpentry. Throughout his article, we will outline several options for your consideration.

fiberglassimage © Rupert Kittinger-Sereinig


Fiberglass has been around for almost a century and is made up of fine-cut glass woven to make a tough material. Originally, it was used as insulation but has since found applications in countless different areas. For example, electrical cabling, both above and below ground, is passed through conduits to protect them from degradation. These days, fiberglass is more favorable than the likes of PVC and metals, which break down faster, harm the environment, and cause more injuries. In our experience, FRE Fiberglass Conduit is the best in the business.


With the emergence of skyscrapers, metal is widely used for external covers and frames. However, like with rock, there are many different types of metal available. The most popular metal is steel because it’s easy to recycle, which makes it eco-friendly.

Brick and Block

Brick is typically made of kiln-blasted shale or clay and was once one of the most popular building blocks in the world. However, clay alternatives have been used more recently, with cinder blocks being made of concrete. If you travel over to developing countries, you will find blocks made of Sandcrete, which is weaker but much more affordable.


Rock has been used for manmade structures as far back as the history books go because it’s readily available and long-lasting. However, there are many different types of rock to choose from and they all have different qualities. Despite the fact that rock offers strength and protection, it’s extremely heavy and awkward to work with. You will typically find rock used in metropolitan areas, especially when it comes to roofing; slate is a popular rock used for roofing.


Wood comes from trees, making it an accessible material in most parts of the world, and it’s hugely popular across all industries. However, with wood comes deforestation, which can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Therefore, many construction companies and businesses are dedicated to replacing the trees they cut down. One of the most recent initiatives in this space comes from Sony, who will plant a tree each time players get a certain achievement in their game Horizon Forbidden West. The program is called “Plant and Play”, and it has huge implications for the environment.

There are many different construction materials, and those discussed above barely scratch the surface. Before choosing a material, you will need to decide on its application and measure it against affordability and practicality. Further, especially in the commercial world, businesses will need to consider the impact on the environment.

a-frame cabin houseGrand Cabin in Balaton Upland, Hungary designed by Hello Wood Studio

By Liliana Alvarez

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