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5 Amazing Benefits of Using an Energy Star Ceiling Fan

Written by:
Robert Smith
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A great, yet seldom recognized, energy-efficient amenity when providing a suitable home for your family is the Energy Star-Rated ceiling fan. These state-of-the-art devices not only save you from the simmering summer experience but do have a countless array of advantages that can boost your floor exceptionally covering comforts. Today we are going to open up and show you five fantastic benefits of having an Energy Star ceiling fan in your home.

Energy saving: The primary advantage of choosing an Energy Star ceiling fan stems from its exceptional energy-saving capabilities. These fans are engineered and tested to the stringent standards established by the EPA ENERGY STAR program. Energy Star-designated ceiling fans use up to 60% less energy than conventional models, saving you more on your utility costs. They help you lower your carbon footprint by circulating air effectively throughout your home and decreasing the necessity for air conditioning.

Memory function: Most of the time these fans have a memory function that will automatically reboot your last used settings so that you do not have to adjust the speed and light settings after a power cut, you just have to set the fan to the on position to pull it once. The initial cost might be a bit more expensive compared to non-rated models, but in the long run, these fans will save you on your energy bills and last longer.

Improved Comfort: Installation of an Energy Star ceiling fan is worth it for the simple fact that you will feel more comfortable in your living space. They are made to circulate the air in a room resulting in airflow, to fight stifling air, and to maintain the ideal temperature consistently. Keep your living room cozy, your kitchen bright and your bedroom comfortable with the energy-saving benefits of a ceiling fan that's earned the Energy Star label to guarantee excellent performance year-round.

Silent Performance: Forget about those loud fans that ruin the discussions and make you miss a few words. Featuring an Energy Star motor, their advanced long-lasting motor technology ensures a whisper-quiet performance. Finally, these fans run almost silently (unlike your typical noisy fan) so you can bask in the cool breeze without the headache of hearing your new fan compete with the TV. Use an Energy Star ceiling fan while running errands or enjoying a restful night's sleep in peace.

Environmental Impact: The decision to purchase an Energy Star ceiling fan for your home will not only benefit you in regards to your comfort and finances, but you will also be saving the planet. These environmentally friendly appliances are created to be sustainable, meaning based on the inclusion of energy-efficient elements, and materials that help limit the environmental footprint. The less you use energy, powered by coal, oil, or gas, the less you contribute to man-made global warming and the depletion of resources that will have to be fed to the upcoming generations.

These incredible fans offer a range of features that make them a wise choice for any homeowner, from outstanding energy efficiency and cost savings to increased comfort, quiet operation, and environmental friendliness. Why put up with an eyesore window unit with a huge, ugly fan when you could trade it in for a beautiful and highly efficient Energy Star model that lets you stay cool while lowering your electric bill and your carbon footprint?

By Liliana Alvarez

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