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4 Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Written by:
Felicia Priedel

The increase in demand for commercial and residential metal roofs has led to the creation of many types of high-performing metal roof styles. Shake-inspired, tile-inspired, and slate-inspired metal roofs mimic the look of wood, tile, and stone. But standing seam metal roofs make the metal’s appearance a prized feature. Discover these four advantages of standing seam metal roofs.

1. Sleek, Customizable Appearance

Standing seam metal roofing has a characteristically sleek, modern style. Interlocking seams connect panels that typically run vertically. Hiding the fasteners under the plates creates a clean look.

Clients can choose different colors to customize their roofs and improve the curb appeal of their homes or businesses. Roof color can complement other exterior elements such as siding, trim, railings, gutters, and landscaping.

2. Durability

Another advantage of standing seam metal roofs is that they are incredibly durable. Covering the fasteners improves the durability of standing seam roofing over other metal roofs by limiting exposure to weathering, wind, moisture, and other environmental stressors that can hasten corrosion.

The vertical ribs that hide the fasteners also allow the panels to expand and contract slightly with temperature changes. This flexibility prevents thermal shock from ruining the roof.

3. Low Maintenance

The durability of standing seam metal roofs makes them less likely to need professional structural maintenance as often as other metal roof types. For routine maintenance, homeowners and property managers will need to remove debris, such as branches, that can scrape or scuff the roof.

Regular cleaning extends the life of the roof. Cleaning can remove dirt, leaves, sticks, and pollen to keep the metal looking its best. Clear gutters and drains to prevent standing water from accumulating and corroding the metal.

4. Design Flexibility and Budget Considerations

Standing seam metal roofs aren’t the cheapest options, but a streamlined design is one of the most effective ways to reduce operating costs using metal fabricators. Clients can lower the manufacturing cost of the roof by selecting snap-lock panels rather than mechanically locking panels.

While the upfront cost can shock people used to asphalt shingle, this roof’s durability makes it worth the cost. A standing seam metal roof can last about 50 years, with paint lasting up to about 30 years.

By Liliana Alvarez

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