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3 Tips for Creating a Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design

Written by:
Felicia Priedel
Alexandre Zveiger

Minimalism is a stunning aesthetic for interior design, especially in kitchen spaces. The simplicity and contemporary nature of the style are perfect for the modern home. So here are three tips for creating a modern minimalist kitchen design.

Open Floorplan

If you want to achieve a stunning modern and minimalistic kitchen design, the first thing you will need to incorporate is an open kitchen floorplan. A kitchen with an open floorplan creates the illusion of a larger space, which is especially good if you have a smaller kitchen area.

Opening up your floorplan also allows for an easier flow within your kitchen, making meal prep more effective and efficient. However, you should avoid unnecessary furniture and clutter and keep everything that doesn’t have a functional purpose off the floor.

Clean lines

Clean lines are the next essential element to include in your modern minimalist kitchen design. Symmetry is a staple of minimalism, so creating a cohesive feeling with lines and shapes is necessary to achieve this particular design style.

Geometric shapes and sharp, angular edges are other cornerstones of the minimalist design aesthetic, so work to include those in your space as well. Cabinet doors without handles or minimal hardware look stunning in contemporary kitchen spaces and work well with clean lines.

Monochromatic Colors

Another tip for creating the perfect minimalistic kitchen is using monochromatic colors. Because minimalism relies on simplicity, the color scheme of your kitchen should match that. You don’t want to go over the top with too many color accents, wallpaper, or patterns. Instead, pick one or two base colors that fall in the same family and start from there.

Neutral colors, like white, black, gray, and tan, are popular in minimalist designs. If you prefer adding a touch of color, try to stick to just one tone rather than using multiple contrasting colors. For example, if you love seafoam green, keep all of your accents that same tone of green, rather than going all over the color spectrum, as that takes away from the minimalism and simplistic nature of the design.

So as you set up your space, use these three design tips to create a minimalistic modern kitchen. Before you know it, you will have the contemporary kitchen of your dreams!

By Liliana Alvarez

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