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11 Landscaping Tips for Commercial Properties

Written by:
Milo Forester
Scott Webb

Curb appeal, or how your property is viewed from the street, is just as big a deal for commercial properties as it is for residential properties. Lovely landscaping is appealing and can create an environment that is better for your employees or tenants. It also helps in giving people a favorable opinion of your business.

Using commercial landscaping, you can give the public the best image of your organization. Keep reading below for tips and tricks to help you up your curb appeal game. 

1. Keep Your Property Looking Sharp

Australians are not just some of the ones who should be doing a walkabout. You should take frequent strolls around your property and note any changes to the grounds. You can spot dangers like:


     Broken pavement

     Grass divots

     Worn walking paths in unexpected places

     Differences in grass quality and health

When you find an issue, make sure to get it fixed as soon as possible. For example, consider reaching out to a commercial paving company in San Jose, CA, to quickly make repairs to important walks, parking areas, and curbs.

2. Focus on Your Entrance Ways

The entrance to your building is like the window to your building’s soul. You’ll want it to be an inviting space that encourages clients and employees to come in and stay. A few potted plants and small shrubs can go a long way. Ensure your building always has that well-maintained look by keeping trash and other debris away from the entrance. For that cherry on top, have the lawn decorated using different materials with various textures and colors.  

3. Green It Up

As we mentioned above, plants can be miraculous in how they change a space. You can even use plants more practically by using them to frame your company sign. Often these small things are what catch a customer’s eye. Just be sure you choose plants that complement your building and landscaping style. 

factory building in India Vinit Machines in Rajkot, India by Bridge Studio. Image © Inclined Studio

4. Invest in Outdoor Furnishings

It might not jump off the page at you because it is so obvious, but outdoor spaces are perfect for informal meetings and gatherings. Outdoor furniture can also offer your employees a beautiful way to enjoy the land around them. Finally, it doesn’t hurt to showcase an area to potential customers. 

5. Highlight Your Property with Pavement and Hardscaping

Plants are one of many ways to use decorative features to improve the landscape. You can use stone fountains, walkways, and walls to create a pleasant environment around your property. Remember that these areas need to be repaired to prevent your property from looking rundown.

6. Increase Property Visibility

Trees can either be a boon or a bust for your property. Trees can provide shade and something beautiful to look at and improve your real estate value. However, they can also block the sight line from potential customers to your front door. Once you’ve cleared the way for your building to be seen, consider using bright colors to make your building stand out from the others in the community. Don’t forget to add outdoor lighting into the mix! Not only will your property be visible at night, but safe as well. 

We’ve covered making your place look fantastic, and now we need to move on to more important things. Maintenance should be the next concern at the top of your list. Use the list below to keep your property hazard-free all year.

7. Keep Your Grounds Irrigated

If you plan to do any landscaping, consider installing an irrigation system. However, problems arise when this system gets damaged, which can be a big issue for you. Therefore, always proactively check sprinklers, valves, water pipes, and nozzles for any damage. Whether they are used frequently or not, keep a check on them before you end up with a landscape of mud.

8. Maintain a Debris-Free Property

If there is any trash around your property, promptly pick it up! No one wants to visit a company that looks like a landfill. Make sure that you are cleaning up your trees and bushes as well. Taking all the extra care can go a long way in making a great impression on your employees and clients.  

9. Feed Your Foilage

Taking care of plants can be a risky business; for them to thrive, they need to be fed the right amounts at the right time. Your business can be a source of compost for your plants, or you can add commercial fertilizer to the mix. Whatever you choose, make sure to read the instructions and feed them at a healthy time.

10. Fight Patchy Lawns with Overseeding

Just like heads, the grounds can develop bald spots. Luckily for the grounds, the fix for their bald spot is simple—-overseeding! The seeds will grow and fill in the blank areas, and then you’ll need to mow them. Doing all these things will keep your lawn healthy through the year until summer’s over. 

11. Don't Let Weeds and Pests Take Hold

Weeds are a headache for many managers of commercial properties. They will just pop up one day and start choking out the life from grassy areas and flowers. You could try and apply chemicals on your own to defeat the weeds, but in a commercial setting, this is better left to the professionals.

With the tips we’ve discussed, you can improve your curb appeal. If you find your plate too full and this just seems like too much work, consider hiring a commercial lawn care service. They can keep your lawn looking great all year long!

Bottom Line

Don’t be surprised that when you make your landscape more appealing, you see a significant rise in visitors, which can affect the money in your pocket. Prospective customers are more likely to stop by if they feel drawn to your door or when something interesting calls to them. 

Prioritizing the exterior aesthetic of your property can also translate into improved revenue and equity, so take time to build a relationship with important services like lawn care and commercial paving to keep your grounds in good repair.

By Liliana Alvarez

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